"Photographing people is my dream job"

Taking photographs today is so accessible to so many.  Many of us snap photos on our mobile phones and other devices with in-built cameras, usually to later post them on social media platforms to share our memories and experiences with our friends and family.  

Professional photography, however, is a master craft.  Through precise skill and an abundance of creativity and passion, photographers can create pictures to elicit feelings and emotions, capturing moments that tell an entire story without the need for any words.  


For local photographer Graham Dargie his camera has presented him with the opportunity to work with all walks of life from the former First Minister to ballerinas, in places from Bridge of Don to Brooklyn, New York.  

Graham awakened an appreciation for the creation and craft of photography at school and has now been running his professional photography business for 10 years from Aberdeen.  

He is privileged to have photographed some high profile people including Sir Ian Wood, Stewart Milne, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and former First Minister Alex Salmond; all projects of which he is very proud.  Proud of the work, the results, yet also that his clients trusted him to “shoot” their best clients.

Graham has a real interest in people on a one-to-one level, understanding what drives them. 


His camera provides him the route to communicating their story to the world and he says it has given him access to people, places and experiences he would never have had otherwise.

Combining the love of photography with his passion for running, he has been producing a portfolio of local amateur runners, capturing these ordinary yet inspirational people who enjoy the rewards of running whatever those may be for them; his project is about capturing these individuals and their qualities in these moments.  

Graham’s greatest privilege was to photograph his parents in his very own studio which he opened last November.  

“This is by far my greatest honour, a moment and photographs I will treasure forever,” said Graham.  

His love of photography, and in particular, creating the best photograph he can in the moment, continues to grow.  He’d love to photograph Evelyn Glennie one day, and added: “She’s an inspirational genius.  The challenge to create a portrait which would simultaneously interpret silence and yet the creation of sound would be an extraordinary experience.”  

Alex Salmond

Keen to share his passion for photography with others, Graham is launching a new series of workshops and classes for hobbyists and enthusiasts who want to develop their skills, and have a fun experience of what one day might become their dream job.  

For more information about Graham, his work or details of his upcoming courses visit his website at www.grahamdargie.com


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