A chance to become a Hollywood star

A war is coming, do you have what it takes to stand with Caesar?

Not the normal question you would expect to be asked in a job interview but then again, this is no ordinary job.

Those who would love to have the career of Andy Serkis, listen up, this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

You might have heard of the name Andy Serkis but you would be forgiven for not knowing what he looks like. For although he has appeared in some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters including Lord of the Rings, King Kong and most recently Dawn of Planet of the Apes, his face isn’t that memorable.

Andy SerkisThat will be because in all these movies, he is the man behind the special effects that are used in motion capture to create the characters brought to life on the big screen. He is world renowned for the specialist work he does – and now one lucky person has the chance to be the next Andy Serkis.

The director of the latest instalment in the ape franchise, Matt Reeves, joined
the Hollywood actor to announce a competition which involves some serious
monkey business.

Planet of the ApesThe prize is the chance to get an on-camera role in War for the Planet of the Apes, which is due to be released in 2017. The caveat to that role being that the winner’s face won’t be seen, as he or she will be playing a motion-captured ape in a scene.

To be in with a chance, aspiring actors have to send a video of their “most life-like ape imitation” to apescontest.com. The winner will be flown to the set, dressed in a “mo-cap” suit and join Andy Serkis aka ape leader Caesar in the “greatest battle yet”.

Dawn of the planet of the apes


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