Name: Tim Spooner
Age: 34
Job title: Head chef 
Company: The Store

Tim Spooner


I usually wake up at 6.30am and drink my weight in coffee. My first job of the day is to head to the Breadmaker on Rosemount Viaduct to collect the day’s brioche buns and ciabattas, before heading to The Store, out near Foveran.

My morning jobs usually include cleaning the fryers and firebox, then lighting the fire for the Farmer’s Grill, which is what we use to grill our Aberdeen-Angus beef products.

I then prepare for the day ahead, which involves making all the salads, sauces and soups.

After all that’s done, then it really depends on what we have going on – for instance, if we’re catering for any events then event-prep will take priority, or if we have any ready meal orders to complete, then I’ll get to work creating those.


I tend to stay at The Store, as I find it very peaceful being out in the countryside. I know it’s not the healthiest option, but I’m not a big fan of having lunch, I’d much rather have a coffee instead.

I like to enjoy mine sitting outside, if the weather’s nice.

Tim Spooner

The good thing about working at The Store is, if I ever do feel peckish at lunchtime there’s a great range of options available, from tasty steaks to yummy homemade soups.


Afternoons are normally very busy, as I’m on the Farmer’s Grill cooking and serving up steaks, burgers and hot dogs to customers.

The Farmer’s Grill is a wood-fired grill that’s a renovated offshore container, which enables me to grill up all the tasty food we offer.

As head chef, it’s my responsibility to create delicious, high-quality meals using local produce for all of our customers.

We’re now living in a world of processed foods, so I’m proud to work for a family-run business that believes all food should be stripped back to its most basic form and cooked to perfection to enhance the flavours.

All of the beef products we serve are hand-reared on the family farm, everything we source comes from within 12 miles, and there’s full traceability on all the products we sell.


I normally finish around 5pm and then head home. As I spend the majority of my day cooking, the last thing I want to do is make my dinner, so I try my best not to order take-out food.

I tend to cook a healthy tea to avoid this, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen. I then like to unwind by watching TV for an hour or so, before having an early night to refresh me for my early start the next day.

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