A day in the kitchen is a day well spent

Name: Alison Macleod

Age: 28

Company: Juicy-Ness


Monday to Friday my alarm is set between 5am and 5.30am. I have a quick shower and then head straight downstairs to my kitchen. I set up all my juicing equipment the night before, alongside my chopping boards and knives, to ensure I am ready to start first thing in the morning.

My first job of the day is to prepare all my vegetables and fruit, for each of my client’s orders, which normally takes me around half an hour.

I then place all the ingredients in individual batches for each specific order, ready for juicing. A solid hour and a half is set aside each morning for juicing and blending of all my client’s orders. I then place all the fresh juice into individual plastic bottles personally labelled with each clients’ name – ready to picked up or be delivered.

The kitchen is then cleaned down, all my equipment is washed, sterilised and packed away and the room is switched back to a family kitchen for breakfast at 7.30am.

For breakfast I begin by drinking a cup of hot water and sliced lemon or a white tea with soya milk and drink a vegetable juice to give my body a real boost of nutrients first thing in the morning. Breakfast is little bit of a ritual in our house, it’s a good time to get together and start our day by eating healthy. I like to incorporate healthy eating into our lifestyles; it’s part of the reason why I set up my business in the first place. I myself embarked on a juice diet and felt amazing – and I’ve been doing it ever since. I can’t believe my passion is now also my business too, I feel very privileged.

Alison Macleod

Meanwhile my clients collect their orders between 7.30am and 9am each morning and the kids are out the door and go to school for 9am each morning.

At 9.30am I then do the local Inverness deliveries to client’s homes or workplaces. I then go straight to the local wholesalers to place my produce order for the next day that is delivered to my home. Before the morning is finished, I'm back in my kitchen to make soup ready for the next morning.


For lunch I normally enjoy a bowl of  soup, which is usually one of the variety’s that is on the menu that day, and rye bread with avocado. I drink water throughout the day – but I always have water with my lunch. I am health conscious, and although I do allow myself treats now and again, I find I function much better when I am eating cleanly and drinking lots of  water.


My afternoons are spent catching up on housework and walking the dog. I sometimes use this time to go to the gym or work out at home.

I'm never far from my phone, answering client’s e-mails or questions. I manage my whole business through my phone having launched my business on Facebook. Most of my client’s come to me via that platform, or via my website. I also use this time in the afternoon to do my bookkeeping and accounts, which I manage myself.

The kids come home from school after 3pm, so between 3pm and 4pm we do homework or after school activities. Our focus then turns to dinnertime. We like to make everything fresh, using wholesome ingredients, so often we’ll make our own pizzas using lots of vegetables and pita breads or if we make spaghetti Bolognese, I’ll pack it with vegetables and blend the sauce down. The kids can be fussy, but if they can’t see all the vegetables in the sauce, they’ll eat it.


Once family dinner is over and the kids have gone to bed, it’s time for me to disinfect the kitchen and do the preparation work for the morning. I print off all my individual labels and prepare my bottles for the juices and tubs for the soups.


I make sure my juicer and blender are in place and the kitchen is transformed once again into a place of work. I’m normally in bed by half nine, ready for work the next day.


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