A day in the life of Sheryl Newman



I’m not a morning person but running your own business often means working erratic hours. I wake up around 6.30am, check my e-mails and deal with any priorities. I head into work around 7.45am. I’m lucky I’m a five-minute drive from the office so the daily commute is pretty easy. I grab some breakfast and start to plan for the day’s activities. We are a small team so communication within the team is really important.


We are always managing multiple client projects so there are deadlines and targets that need to be met in every aspect of my role. No two days are ever the same, so mornings can vary from meetings, to project planning sessions with the team, to writing tenders. This week, I’ve been planning for a free event we are running in the city on December 7, to help empower business owners who use Office 365 to quickly implement processes such as employee on-boarding, CAPEX and purchase order requests, and accident and incident reporting.


My key focus is helping customers improve their business, so much of my time is spent identifying areas for improvement and implementing changes that will provide tangible benefits, both directly and indirectly for our customers.




Lunch always varies due to time, location and availability. If I am out at meetings, I grab what I can on the go. If I am in the office, I normally work through my lunch and eat at my desk.


My challenge in 2017 is to achieve a healthier work-life balance. If it is a nice day, I try and go out for a walk to stretch my legs and clear my head so I can come back in the afternoon with a fresh perspective and recharged batteries.




There’s never a quiet day at Appetite and invariably there’s always a new solution to be developed or customer challenge to be addressed, such is the nature of working within IT projects and support. Since my role is both client-facing and internal, my team and I are constantly planning and executing internal initiatives and projects.


I really enjoy catching up with existing customers and finding out how we can help them grow their business. These meetings are vital for us to fully understand any IT training needs, SharePoint development work or business process activity and help them develop a robust plan that will enhance both staff competence and use of systems to the maximum potential rather than as a means of delivery.


At present, oil and gas companies are driving cost-efficiency initiatives and I work with clients to improve operations. We are currently working with an SME of eight who have transformed their business by using SharePoint correctly and automating much of their business process. It’s a real joy to not only see how much value they have realised, but how much more time they have to focus on growing their business.


These customer activities are typically interspersed between ad hoc meetings and routine operational meetings. I have a great team working for me and there is a healthy level of banter in the office to ensure we all maintain our sanity.


I always end my day by checking through my to-do list and getting organised for the challenges of my next day’s work.




I typically finish work in the office at 4.30pm, work from home until 6pm then try and relax and spend some time with husband and family. It’s also great to catch up with friends. Sometimes it’s back to work duties, although I do love watching TV and am totally addicted to Grey’s Anatomy.


I have a real passion for helping others outside of work too. I have contributed to raising thousands of pounds in addition to donating time to supporting particular charities that have made a difference to my family in the city.


There’s great job satisfaction in knowing you’re working towards supporting worthwhile causes and I love that my job allows me to give back to the local community.


Seven Reasons I'm Happy At Work

1. I love the variety of customers. I am always learning.

2. I work with a great team who are passionate about what we do.

3. Giving back. From the very beginning it was important to me.

4. The autonomy and freedom. I have the freedom to think outside of the box and have all thoughts considered.

5. Every day is different. One day we’re working with a major oil company, the next we’re working with disadvantaged groups in the community.

6. We work with some really good products and with partner companies whose ethos matches ours.

7. Receiving the feedback we get from our customers and feeling thankful to work with some great motivated clients.

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