A head for cupcakes

Cookie monster, vanilla, chocolate and orange and raspberry ripple – is your mouth watering yet? Cupcakes in a multitude of flavours stare at you. Pink ones, blue ones and white ones covered in caramel. If you can pass Jo’s cupcake shop in Aberdeen without glueing your nose to the window, then you have more will-power than me.


Jo Gale is a 27-year-old with a passion for cakes. When you step into her shop, be prepared to get very distracted and have an incredible desire to eat everything on the shelves. Jo has always baked and the recipe she uses was taught to her by her mother, but she wasn’t always heading in the cake direction.


Jo was at college doing a course in travel and tourism. The course wasn’t for her. She baked in the evenings but it was when she started to bring her creations into college and let her friends try them that her business took off and the cakes took over.


“I was working from home and was doing deliveries as far as Portlethen and Dyce,” said Jo.


The many deliveries were taking over and she had made enough money from her orders to expand her business. Now Jo operates out of a little shop on Crown Street in Aberdeen, with a candy coloured frontage and a kitchen in the back. The young baker opened the shop in 2014 and caters for weddings, hen parties or just a Sunday afternoon in with the girls.

It is the perfect location for Jo to open her first shop as it was the street where she was brought up.


“It is always somebody’s birthday,” she said.


“There’s lots of orders. When someone makes an order we look at the theme, colour and how many cakes they want.”


Jo bakes first thing every morning, so your cupcakes are as fresh as possible. She gets up before the sun and bakes from 5am. Jo will then open the shop at noon and it remains open as late as 8pm on a week night. Despite the long day, Jo likes to be open in the evening and get the people passing on their way home from work to brighten up their day with a treat.


Jo said she can do “literally anything” for the design on top of a cake, although she wouldn’t go into detail about some she was asked to make for a hen party.


“Baking is so much more fashionable. People do teaparties at home now,” she said.


“I would love to expand at some point but right now I am just new.”


Jo’s mum helps out in the shop, but is not allowed anywhere near the creation of the baked goodies. Jo wants to keep the cupcakes just by Jo.


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