A role that involves more than working with numbers

Name - Rhys Jones
Job title - Business advisory manager
Company - Hall Morrice LLP


I live a short walk away from the Hall Morrice office in Aberdeen and usually arrive at 8:15am. I spend the first part of the morning reading and responding to emails and allocating work to the team.

We have an early morning status meeting as a group to ensure client projects are on track and to advise the team of any additional work that clients have sent through.

Rhys Jones

I may be an accountant, but the role involves so much more than just working with numbers.

Managing people, clients and workload is a key function of the role - being an accountant does not start and finish with tax returns as many people seem to think.

The great thing about my role at Hall Morrice is that I am able to work closely with and support staff in the department who are working towards their Chartered Accountant qualifications.

We are a training firm and I really enjoy being able to share my knowledge and experience with those who are just starting out in their career.

The business advisory team also includes two students who undertake a placement within the department.

We often employ placement students within the Hall Morrice team full-time once they have finished university and continue their Chartered Accountancy training with the firm.


I usually spend my lunchtime in a different place every week day, which helps to add a bit of variety to my day. I attend a lot of networking events on behalf of the firm and many of these take place over a lunchtime.

These events are a great way to keep informed about local business news and trends, and to meet potential clients.

I work closely with the partners to set-up contracts with new clients and develop services for existing clients. Most days I will be out at client premises over lunch which gives an opportunity to catch up with them informally and retain strong relationships.


My role as business advisory manager means that clients are at the core of my tasks each day.

We mostly provide support for businesses that do not have an internal accounting team and we often relieve the managers of financial tasks such as book keeping, preparing management accounts and VAT returns to allow them to focus on their business.

This means I am out of office visiting a variety of clients each day and performing different roles for each client.

The variety of clients and tasks I get each day is one of the highlights of my role. Flexibility and adaptability are necessary qualities to succeed
at this role and stay on top of your work.


My evenings are often spent in the kitchen as I am really interested in cooking. I also like to try out different restaurants in the city on weekends with my partner.

I can also be found playing football with colleagues: we have an informal five-a-side team which plays once a week which is always a great laugh.

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