An arresting career

Name: Shiree Miller
Age: 28
Rank: police constable

Force: Police Scotland

As a local policing constable based in Huntly I work a rotation of various shifts, these include early shift which is 7am until 5pm, late shift which is 5pm until 3am and a night shift which is 10pm until 7am.

Today I am working the day shift. My morning starts with my sergeant issuing a daily briefing to me and the other police constables on my team.  
We are made aware of any incidents that have occurred in the area while we have been off duty and anything ongoing that needs progressed that day.

I joined the police two years ago after working a Monday to Friday job in
the biomedical sciences laboratory within my local hospital. One of
the reasons that attracted me to the police service was the varied job role where no two days are the same.  I might find that I am working in a different area that day, helping secure a locus after an incident, supporting major events or responding to a large scale inquiry.

After briefing I check my e-mails and respond to any phone messages. I plan ahead for the day making a list of inquiries I need to carry out for my ongoing investigations, this could involve noting witness statements, collecting CCTV from businesses and apprehending suspects.

During the early morning commuting period I go out on mobile patrol as part of Operation Cedar which aims to Challenge, Educate, Detect and Reduce antisocial driving.

Shiree Miller

Unfortunately road traffic collisions on our rural roads are all too common. Therefore it is important that we take every opportunity to educate drivers so that the number of collisions can be reduced.

As well as Operation Cedar I contribute to the development and running of other police initiatives designed to protect and benefit our local community, for example licensed premises visits and carrying out court bail checks. On occasions I may have to attend court and give evidence in a criminal case. This can be time consuming and puts any pre-planned inquiries on hold.


Due to the unpredictable nature of the job I grab lunch when I can. It is important to eat well to keep my energy up during my shift but sometimes that can be difficult depending on what I am responding to.  I try to sit down with the team and have a proper meal, other times I have to eat on the go or go without.


If there are no specific incidents to deal with I catch up on administrative tasks including writing crime reports, updating the systems and other general admin duties,  I  take every opportunity to complete these tasks as I never know when the next call will be.

Partnership working is a fundamental part of the job and as part of that I go out into the community and carry out drop-in visits at local clubs and businesses.  Engaging with the community is a key factor in preventing and detecting crime.  I also carry out talks within the local schools highlighting antisocial issues within the community and providing road safety advice.  

Shiree Miller at work


My working day sometimes reaches into the evening depending if I have to complete a specific inquiry. I lead an active lifestyle away from work and enjoy going to the gym as well as hill walking, cycling and snowboarding; being fit and healthy is an important part of the job so I try to maintain this in my down time. Due to working shifts and weekends it is hard to catch up with friends and family so I make the most of my evenings, which often ends up meaning I don’t have much time to myself.

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