Answering the call

Ryan Martin, who embarked on a career in emergency response after leaving Banchory Academy last year, has become a permanent member of the Petrofac Training Services (PTS) team.

Ryan was chosen for a 12-month work development role as an emergency response operator (ERO) at PTS’s pioneering Emergency Response Service Centre (ERSC) in Aberdeen following a school mentoring initiative between PTS and Banchory Academy.  

Having proven himself to be highly competent when it comes to responding to emergency situations, he has now secured a full-time permanent role with the company.

Ryan Martin

The 18-year-old said: “Being employed as an ERO has provided me with the perfect challenge since leaving school and I have gained many new skills as a result of working with such a great team. I appreciate that this has been a unique opportunity for someone my age and I have reaped the rewards, learning something new every day.”

The purpose-built ERSC, believed to be the first of its kind in Aberdeen, responds to offshore emergency incidents, from providing onshore support to the affected installation, to dealing with relatives and the media. As an ERO, Ryan is responsible for emergency call handling and ensuring the necessary communication checks are conducted, paving the way for a smooth response should a client emergency occur.

He added: “The centre generates many calls a day relating to very different clients and situations so I am glad that the initiative with Banchory Academy opened me up to what is proving to be a thoroughly enjoyable and challenging career within emergency response – such an important support service for our industry.”

Peter Walker, regional manager (Response Services and Major Emergency Management) at PTS, was the person who identified Ryan at Banchory Academy as having great potential.

He said: “Ryan is an asset to the team and we are extremely pleased that we could recognise this by offering him a permanent role. He has made the most of this fantastic opportunity and I am looking forward to seeing him develop even further in the future.”

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