Apprenticeship changes future

Jobs In Scotland learns how William Duncan, 28, from Peterhead, worked as a Royal Mail postman for five years while he studied engineering at college.

After years of failing to find a job in his chosen field, it was a chance meeting with a Scottish Gas engineer that turned his fortunes around.

William said: “I first heard about the Scottish Gas apprenticeship programme while speaking to an engineer who was fixing my boiler.

“We spoke about how I had studied engineering and how difficult it was to find a related job since finishing my studies. He told me about Scottish Gas’ apprenticeship programme and recommended that I take a look.”

William was thrilled when he found out he had landed a place on the programme, and would now recommend an apprenticeship to those looking for a new career.


He said: “I wanted a job where no two days would be the same and where I could feel like I was making a difference to people’s lives. Being an engineer ticked all of those boxes.

“People assume that apprenticeships are for young people, or school leavers, but I soon found out that wasn’t the case. I had spent a lot of time pursuing my dream career and as I was getting older, the chances were getting slimmer in my mind.

“I was so happy with the news that I had got a place on the programme, and feel very grateful for the opportunity given to me.

“I would definitely say to other people to not worry about their age like I did and just give it a go.”

Now, William is looking ahead to a successful career with Scottish Gas, and hopes to one day train the next generation of apprentices.


He added: “I’ve only just started my apprenticeship but already I can see so many opportunities ahead of me. My focus now is on doing my best for the next four years, trying to get as much out of the training as I can.

“In the future, I’d love to be involved with the training of new apprentices.”

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