Back to the drawing board for a fresh assignment

Name: Heather Beveridge  
Age: 22
From: Aberdeen  
Job title: Graphic Designer
Works at: thinkCreative
Qualifications: first class honours degree in Graphic Design from Gray's School of Art & YCN Student Award  
Working for an agency like think means every day is different, with clients and colleagues demanding new ideas and concepts from  you on an hourly basis. I love the diversity of the role, and the fast paced world of agency life means I can be working on a website for an oil and gas client one minute, and creating a beer bottle label the next.
Whether I'm developing a design brief, going to client meetings, researching new brochure ideas, measuring up for an exhibition stand or just brainstorming with the rest of the think team – every day brings a new focus and another chance to develop a different design option.  

Being creative – every single day.
Since joining think in 2014, the wealth of exciting design opportunities that I’ve been exposed to have meant my skills and technical capabilities have grown hugely, and having Ian Caie, head of design, to learn from and bounce ideas off has been fantastic.   
I also love the challenge of working with clients who aren’t sure what they’re looking for – but want you to know what they want based on a scribble on a post-it, or a three word brief. Those kind of projects give you free reign to be as innovative and creative as possible – something I love to do.  
Seeing a design project from concept through to creation is also incredibly rewarding – especially when you see the results at the launch of a glossy new website, or when a brochure come back printed, and smelling of lovely fresh paper.

Heather Beveridge

Leaving the comfort of the Art School studio and being thrown into the working world has been exciting. Regularly interacting with a diverse range of, sometimes tricky, client requests, has boosted my confidence hugely, and I love being part of a team that is really open, responsive and supportive - and that loves a good night out.  
Although the three word brief/post-it sketches are exciting – they can also be a massive challenge. When a client doesn’t know what they want, but categorically knows when you present them with something they don’t want – it can be disheartening.

However I always remember that creativity is subjective, and what one person’s not sure of, another will love, so you just have to dust yourself off and progress the project based on the feedback.
Learning to make the perfect cup of tea has also been a challenge – Ian’s a stickler for the perfect brew.
Having been employed as a design intern at think before thinkCreative was launched, I have seen the growth of the division right from the off, and I can’t wait to see where it goes next and what else we as a team can achieve.
Being here from the beginning gives me a real sense of ownership of thinkCreative, and motivates me to push to improve and evolve it further and to position thinkCreative as a distinguished design agency that is renowned for producing innovative and forward thinking options for all its clients.

I’d also love to be in the position to mentor future design students the way I have been here at think, giving other aspiring designer the opportunity and experiences as invaluable as mine.
Outwith think, I’d love to live somewhere crazy, become an established designer, and really make an impact on the creative world.  

Heather Beveridge 2
Things in the digital and design world are changing at a rapid and exciting rate. Make sure you keep on top of what’s going on, be open to challenges, always take and learn from constructive criticism, share your work with others - and get your head out of the stock image game.


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