Banish the bugs and leave a fresh scent on the street

Hoover the carpets, dust the pictures, reach to the top of the wardrobe and pick up the rug to see what is underneath. Cleaning the house is an on-going process, but have you ever thought about what is sitting on your curb-side? You touch them nearly every day and they are an essential household item, but how often do you think about cleaning out your bins?


Smelly wheely bins can ruin the street. What is the point in watering the garden when the stench ruins all your hard work? Luckily, someone has an answer. Gillian Poskitt is a lady with the know-how and the low-down on cleaning the wheely bins.


The 37-year-old lived in London for many years before moving to Banchory in 2011. She gave up a successful nursing career to look after her daughter, Keela, and soon found herself in the oil and gas industry.


“When I moved from London, what I actually missed was the bins. We had three bins in the city, including food, general and recycling,” she said.


“There were a few companies who did bin cleaning on the street who you could pay, but there weren’t any here.”

bin bath

A divorce brought Gillian back to Scotland, but she didn’t give up. She had started nursing when she was 17 and went straight into work – this is a lady who just rolls up here sleeves and gets on with the job. In Scotland, she had more to offer and began a role in finance before moving on to project management.


Her background in nursing meant the normal gore and gunk of a smelly bin didn’t bother her. When redundancy stared her in the face she had the chance to seriously think about her future.


“I was thinking ‘what is my thing’”, she said.


Gillian remembered how much she missed some of the services in London, and so she started Bin Bath, an eco-friendly service available across Aberdeen and the shire. She uses vegan and animal cruelty free products, showing her conscientious approach.


With her bin cleaning service, Gillian can see the work right in front of her. She was able to utilise her skills learnt in the NHS and the oil and gas industry to create a practical company. Through the NHS she learn strategic and operational management as well as quality, health and safety experience, which helped her in creating the new brand.


“I had a vision in my head of something girly and Scottish for the brand,” she said.


“I have a pretty good group of customers now. I get to see them and have a chat while fighting with wasps and bins.”


Her work as a nurse and managing a team has given her a very methodical approach. She leads with the heart and has high morals when it comes to her business and the environment. She uses biodegradable and vegan products, cleaning the bins in a responsible manner so that the water is disposed of into the public sewage system with consent to discharge from Scottish Water – a process adhering to the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency.


She said: “I wear my heart on my sleeve. If it doesn’t feel right then I don’t do it. I’m part of a community and I like to give back.


“Some days are long but it is the future for me and my daughter.”


Gillian was able to gain invaluable information from Business Gateway meetings when creating Bin Bath. She met like-minded individuals from a vast array of businesses who were all in different stages of building up their brands.


A realistic lady, Gillian wants to slowly build her client base and then extend to commercial clients. Luckily, she has the help of a very supportive family. Her recently retired dad is now her back-up assistant until she is big enough to hire more staff.


She said: “At the end of the day I am a single parent who faced redundancy. I can now work around my daughter’s schedule to support my family.”

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