Brewing up a dream

With mathematical equations, scientific formulas and an experienced palate, the life of a brewer boasts a hearty mix of many technical skills, as well as excellent food and drink knowledge.

Dave McHardy, head brewer and operations director at Fierce Beer, started his professional brewing career just over one year ago. Since then he has launched a successful micro-brewery which has already produced over 50,000 litres of beer with business partner, Dave Grant.

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Fierce Beer, which was established five months ago, is based in Dyce on the outskirts of Aberdeen, and is the city’s first micro-brewery. Sporting a team of three, Fierce is already attending high profile craft beer events, and is currently stocked between John O’ Groats to London. 

A huge beer lover himself, Dave has always had a thirst for the brewing industry after receiving his own home brew kit a few years ago, and has been experimenting with brews since.

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What attracted you to establish a micro-brewery?

“The opportunity to change careers and do something I absolutely love was an opportunity I couldn’t refuse. To have a real say in how a company operates and develops has been extremely rewarding, and it’s also allowed me to hugely develop my brewing knowledge and skills.

“The brewing industry is so different to my previous job. Those who, in any other industry would be seen as competitors are allies, and the brewing industry is full of incredible collaborations, bringing some remarkable products to the market. It’s extremely inclusive and has a real feeling of family.”

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What’s different about Fierce? 

“We’re not subtle, we’re Fierce by name and most certainly fierce by nature. Our beers feature strong flavours, which are created by using interesting and challenging combinations. We push ourselves to be different and our pack-a-punch flavours certainly seem to get people talking.”

What’s the best part about your job? 

“Brew days. I love brewing, and on the odd occasion when we have a weekend off, I try and get my homebrew kit out. Brewing for a living is something I’ve wanted to do for so long, and now, I finally am.”

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What’s next for Fierce?

“Fierce is only just getting started, there’s so much more to discover. Opening our bottle shop to the public and getting the go-ahead to operate brewery tours in the coming months is going to be very exciting for us, and we can’t wait to welcome everyone to our micro-brewery haven.”

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