Bringing colour to life

Being a colour consultant might not be a job title you hear very much. But, believe it or not, the north-east is home to a driven professional who is aiming to bring a splash of colour to the grey Granite City.

Your Job catches up with colour consultant, Linzie McDonald, 46, who is affiliated to the world’s leading image consultancy, Colour Me Beautiful, and operates out of her Colour Coach Studio, just outside Kintore.

Hi Linzie. What does a colour consultant’s job actually involve?
My job is to help ladies (and men) to look great and feel fabulous. I give advice to individuals and groups on colour. I advise clients which colours suit them best and how to wear them. I demonstrate how and why certain shades complement their natural colourings more than others.

How do you work?
Most consultations and workshops are run from my studio but I also get out and about with colour/make-up workshops and presentations wherever the client requires.

Linzie McDonald

A full colour consultation lasts around two-and-a-half hours and always starts by finding out what each clients needs are.

After our initial discussion, by looking at hair, eyes and skin, I determine which depth, clarity and tone of colours suit each client best. At Colour Me Beautiful, we have moved away from the ’seasonal’ approach to colour analysis. We now work with 24 different colour palettes, which allows me to tailor the analysis much more specifically to the individual.

The consultation also includes a mini make-up makeover in the shades which complement the clients colourings and features best.

The final part of the consultation is the best bit – the ‘draping of the colours’. This is when I drape the clients with the colours that are most fabulous for them (but not all at once).

What are clients often looking for?
People come to see me for many different reasons. Some have perhaps lost a significant amount of weight and are looking to boost their confidence further; some have perhaps spent the past 10 years dressing children and forgotten how to dress themselves; some are perhaps looking to present themselves better at work; some may have an special occasion that they want to look totally fabulous for; some are addicted to black and some just want a new chapter.

Above all, I aim to equip clients with the colour tools which will improve their confidence and make them feel great.

How did you come into this line of work?
After spending 18 years in the education sector, I sought change. I wanted something that would allow me to be my own boss but would give me the opportunity to use the skills I had developed over this time. It also needed to be something I knew I would love.

I had my own colours done 16 years ago and have always had a passion for it. It is amazing the impact that a little colour can have (so long as it is the right colour).

I believe congratulations are in order too. You recently won two awards at annual Conference in London

I was absolutely delighted to receive two awards in London at our annual conference. The Best Newcomer was a complete shock as there are consultants all around the world. And with the Bronze Consultant, there were only five of these awarded in the whole of the UK. This is a massive achievement and also took me by complete surprise.

The people of Aberdeen have welcomed my service with open arms and have given me tremendous feed-back.  It is absolutely wonderful to put Aberdeen on the Colour Me Beautiful map and bring home the ‘silverware’.

What are the challenges and opportunities of your job?

The challenges are few, as the clients have chosen to be there. I am yet to experience resistance because the proof is in the pudding (or the mirror), actually.  The only challenge I have is in keeping the consultation within timescale. I enjoy doing it so much and clients respond so positively, that it is easy to forget that I am at ‘work’.

The opportunities are that I get to be part of a company that is the world leader in what they do, that’s really exciting for me.

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