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Steve Walker is an associate director at TCD Architects. Here is a day in his life.

Steve Walker



The first job is to check my e-mails and local press to see if there are any articles which are relevant to TCD as an architects practice. I spend the majority of my morning liaising with clients and other contributors to projects, mainly providing updates on progress both within the office and on site.

The queries and correspondence I deal with varies on a daily basis, such is the range of projects the practice is involved with. TCD has experience in completing projects in a variety of sectors including: refurbishment and restoration, commercial and industrial, leisure and retail, mixed-use master planning and urban design, residential design and listed buildings.

I also spend time with my team at TCD, ensuring everyone is happily working together to meet the deadlines that have been assigned to them.



I tend to have my lunch in the office unless I am out on site visits or meeting with clients. Due to the fast-paced busy nature of our industry, I don’t really get time to take much time out over lunchtime.

I do, however, like to indulge in a Friday treat sometimes and our Alford Place offices are conveniently located so that there’s lots places around I can frequent. I sometimes head over to CUE BBQ across the road, or to Muchacho on Rose Street or down Union Street to SO.

Steve Walker and colleagues

I’ll often catch up with friends during lunch and also chat with some of the guys in the office – it’s important to wind down at lunchtime and helps to break up the day.


Afternoons are mostly the busiest part of my day. This is where I can knuckle down and progress with some drawing work or make recommendations to changes in project specifications.

Often I’m out and about, either on site visits looking at how a development is progressing or attending design team meetings. These meetings with contractors, surveyors, structural, civil, mechanical and electrical consultants are crucial to map out how a building comes together.

In addition we aim to have some allocated staff meeting time – creativity and discussion is paramount within an architects practice. The option to bounce ideas off one another is great and one of the best things about my job, as well as being able to see a project progress from drawings to the finished article.


Evenings are for relaxing outside of the work place. I have a keen interest in photography, particularly when I’m away on holiday. I like to get up early and head out with my camera to capture images of picturesque buildings or landscapes in the early morning sunlight.

I have gathered quite a collection of stunning photos from various countries around the world. I’m a lover of the outdoors in general, and at home I enjoy hill-walking and snowboarding, but those are activities better suited to the weekend and when the weather co-operates.

Luckily I don’t have to travel too far from Aberdeen to get out and about and do these things.

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