Building a solid career

Name: Greg Thompson
Age: 32
Job: Senior site manager
Company: Stewart Milne Homes


I live in Premnay which is around 30 miles from Stewart Milne Homes’ The Gardens at Crathes development where I work.  With three young kids under seven I’m usually up very early. I leave the house around 6.15am and spend around 45 minutes in the car to work passing some pretty impressive scenery on the way; it really is a beautiful part of the world.

The development is located in the well-established and picturesque village of Crathes, near Banchory. It’s a really nice rural spot near the River Dee and a great place to call my office.

I arrive on site around 7am, grab a quick coffee and then it’s straight to work. Mornings are usually the busiest time of the day with the majority of deliveries arriving on-site first thing.

I check the deliveries and programme of work and ensure everything is mapped out for the day ahead. As site manager, it’s my responsibility to make sure everyone on site knows their work plan for the day and has everything they need to get the job done.

Greg Thomson


By midday things are in full swing at the development, so I usually have something to eat on site followed by a quick walk.


I spend a lot of time focusing on quality control at the site. The Gardens at Crathes is a collection of luxury family homes featuring Stewart Milne Homes’ most premium house types, so it’s a key priority to ensure all trades are producing a high quality product – from the foundations of the houses right the way through to the fabrics of the interiors.  

A big part of a buyer’s purchase is the experience and providing high quality customer care is essential to ensure that we’re meeting and exceeding the expectations of buyers even after they’ve moved in.  

Another key part of my role is managing the health and safety standards at the development. We have up to 90 people working on site at any time so it’s important everyone is up to speed on what each person’s role is and what is going on.  

Greg Thomson

It was really great to have been awarded highly commended at the NHBC Health and Safety Awards 2015 as well as being given a Seal of Excellence award at the NHBC Pride in the Job Awards 2015 for The Gardens at Crathes development. It was a real achievement and great recognition for all of the efforts that the team and I put in.


I spend evenings with my wife Katy and our three young children, who are aged seven, four and two years old – they definitely keep me busy. Once the bedtime stories are over I usually watch a bit of TV before bed.  


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