Calling Aberdeen

Businesses can avoid undue frustration caused by an impending change to the Aberdeen telephone code, according to Cisco specialist Arrowdawn.

From October, callers will be required to dial 01224 before making any local call from a landline.

The move, by industry regulator Ofcom, will free up new numbers beginning with either 0 or 1.

Using the local dialling code will help avoid more disruptive measures, such as changing phone numbers.

Gordon Adie, managing director at  Arrowdawn, said: “The fact this change is coming in now is certainly a sign of the buoyant nature of the north-east business community. It’s a significant move and one that may take some time for businesses to adjust to.

“Although it might not seem like too much of an inconvenience to dial an extra five digits when making a local call – particularly as this is already the case when calling from a mobile  – businesses could still be caught cold.

“Often, firms will have their entire phone systems configured for speed and ease of use. Therefore, you may have staff with several hundred contacts’ phone numbers stored via their e-mail software. If the area code wasn’t inputted at the time of entry then these could all be rendered useless.

“Equally, many of us will take some time to get out of the habit of picking up the phone and instinctively dialling six digits.

“By taking a few simple measures, however, businesses can ensure they don’t fall foul of the new change.

“Cisco systems can be configured in such a way that by dialling 9 to make an external call, for instance, the system will automatically prefix the local area code. This can be managed remotely by your network or communications provider without causing any inconvenience to the business.

“Although the change doesn’t come into effect until October 1, there’s certainly no harm in taking proactive steps to eliminate any potential for downtime.”

Other UK cities affected by similar changes to the area code include Bradford, Brighton, Middlesbrough and Milton Keynes. For more information visit

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