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Young Aberdeen businessman Andrew Fyffe has just swapped life in the Granite City for the bright lights of London.

Upstream oil and gas executive search firm Diamond Cooper has promoted him to partner and he now leads its new office in Victoria.

Andrew was previously an associate with the fast-growing north-east company founded just two years ago.

Diamond Cooper’s move into the capital follows strong demand from clients across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The London base allows it to work closer with new and existing clients, both in London and internationally.

This is the first time Andrew has lived in London, though he has worked in the city on various occasions in the past.

“It’ll be nice to not have to take quite as many early-morning flights between Aberdeen and London,” Andrew said.

“Finding a flat in London was a pain-free process and the company has been fantastic in facilitating this. I will start commuting on the Tube and take it from there.
“One of the reasons for opening in Victoria is the excellent access to it and my commute should be under half an hour. I might get more adventurous on a bike in the near future.”

So did everything go smoothly in setting up the new office?

Andrew said: “It took us a few months and various visits to find the right place for us and we certainly didn’t rush into anything.
“We are delighted with the office, which will enable us to grow the business accordingly. The logistics have been an interesting challenge but, as we have been planning this for a while, it has gone remarkably smoothly.

“One thing that slipped the net until the last minute was new business cards with the London address but, other than that, no major hiccups. It has been a great team effort.”

Andrew said London is an inspiring city and he sees it as a challenge with great opportunities.

“From my experience of working in London, the pace of life is certainly faster,” he said.

“I look forward to my trips back to Aberdeenshire to enjoy the outdoors and escape the buzz.
“I am a keen sportsman and team sports are always a great way to get to know people, so when in London I will be getting involved in as much as possible.”

So, how does the recruitment market in London vary from Aberdeen?
“The main difference is the client make-up. In Aberdeen, there is a huge number of oil field services and technology companies, along with North Sea-focused exploration and production (E&P) firms and some financial services and investment companies.

“In London, our clients are predominantly a mixture of internationally-focused E&P companies and financial services companies, such as banks, private equity and consultancies.
“However, the dynamics of the talent market in both cities are in much the same position, with the demand for skilled technical and experienced executive professionals being high and the volume available being low.

“That is what has driven our growth into London, as our clients have seen the value of a knowledgeable and experienced search partner who can secure them the types of people who will drive their business forward.”


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