Celebrating 20 years

In this time of businesses closing every day, there are more which are celebrating their successful years. Pam Flemming is the woman behind one of these companies and is happily marking 20 years.


Pam started off as a qualified nurse working in Aberdeen in Edinburgh before leaving to have her daughter. She wanted to find something within the industry which was related to healthcare but wasn’t shift work.


ANA recruitment was established in October 1996 by Sue Buck and Pam joined on April 1, 1997. Sue had been a manager in a hospital and had many years of experience. Starting off a business is tough, and the ladies had to be hands-on at first with their healthcare agency.


Pam said: “We won a contract with NHS Grampian in 2000 and that was a massive stepping stone for us.”


Pam makes sure everything is running smoothly and follows up new business. She became CEO in 2001 and has had to adapt with the industry over the years. Yet she continues to evolve.


The team has expanded to include 13 members of staff who operate from Albert Street in Aberdeen. To mark their 20 years in business, ANA has become an SQA-accredited training centre for SVQ in social services and healthcare.


Pam said: “We have always placed a strong emphasis on training, so this for us is the icing on the cake.”


All the carers need to hold an SVQ 2 in care in order to remain on the Scottish Social Services Council register and be able to work within the care sector. As well as providing this service to their own staff, external candidates will be able to benefit from the training courses which will be expanded over the coming months.


“We have looked at our clients’ needs and the needs of our staff,” said Pam.


“We can now do a lot of training under the SQA umbrella and tailor make services for clients.”


Pam came into the business as a working mum and has seen a rise in other women coming back to work after having children. She believes it is quite difficult for women in business, but such people are more driven.


“I think the children of working mums are more driven too,” she said.


“My daughter has never known me not to work.”


The training centre is part of the natural growth of the company and Pam will spend the next year expanding it to offer the courses which clients need.


“It is early doors. We just knew that there was going to be a need. We have a very strong focus on training with our own staff and look at reviewing their training every year,” said the 53-year-old.


Pam said: “ANA require prospective candidates to have at least six months experience within the health sector. Our recruitment process ensures that we are recruiting and providing the best quality, trained and experienced staff to give positive staffing solutions.”


When Pam first joined the company everyone was booked in by pen and paper, instead of the clever computer programmes which can be used today. She aims to get the best out of everyone and encourages people to develop their skills to their full potential. Healthcare has not escaped from the effects of the oil and gas downturn. Yet the economy is bringing people to her door who might not otherwise have considered a healthcare career. More nurses need to be recruited to meet the needs of Pam’s clients.


She said: “The launch of our SQA accredited training centre is a very exciting new chapter for us and we are looking forward to the new challenging this will bring.”


Pam said: “Everyone has to remain positive and think of other avenues to keep the staff and motivate them. You have to think of the bigger picture.”

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