Checked in for five-star career in hospitality

A Highland hotel has answered the Apprentice 100 campaign’s call by vowing to give a talented youngster a pathway to a five-star career in hospitality.

The Priory Hotel in Beauly was set up in the early 1970s when its owners bought the site it stands on today.

Since then, the hotel has more than tripled its capacity from 12 bedrooms to 38 and has grown its workforce to 26 full-time and 18 part-time employees.

Owner Stuart Hutton said the hotel will now take on a management trainee as part of our mission to raise 100 new jobs in 100 days.

Mr Hutton said the candidate will cover every department of the hotel over a three-year spell, learning the fundamentals of the hospitality trade.

At first, the apprentice will get to grips with kitchen and housekeeping duties before moving on to the dining area and finishing on reception.

Mr Hutton said: “They’ll basically be learning in three years what it took me 40 to learn.”

He added: “We have a real interest in youngsters and anyone who has an appetite to learn.

“We have taken on young people in the kitchen over the years and a number of them have gone on to have positions of responsibility. We want to give people a good start.”

Duty manager Garry Clark, who is in his second stint with the hotel, said the Priory’s warm and friendly atmosphere makes it a great place to work.

Garry Clark

Mr Clark said: “It’s a brilliant place to work. Working here has definitely made me what I am today.

“I’ve always said if you can work at the Priory you can work anywhere in the world as it’s so busy.

“We get a lot of repeat customers so we get to know everyone. Some come in daily, others weekly. It’s like a little family, especially among the staff. There are so many who have been here a long time – I’ve known each of them for years.”

Apply to become a management trainee at the Priory Hotel by sending a CV and cover letter to

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