Climbing the career ladder

P&J Recruitment finds out about a project management career.

Recent contract wins and job creation at an Aberdeen based e-commerce firm has also created job progression opportunities within their existing team.

Recent deals worth £250,000 and the creation of two jobs for nSYS, the e-invoicing and Purchase-to-Pay automation specialists, has created an opportunity for Joanne Reid to move from a role in marketing into project management.

Joanne explained that the progression to project co-ordinator is an excited step forwards in her career. She said: “It means experiencing a huge learning curve and working extra hard to achieve the qualification I need and it is a motivation to know that my employer or employees are investing time and effort in training

“I’m looking forward to doing something completely different and to work within a team and manage people. I’m also nervous as it’s a big change and there will be a lot more responsibilities.”

nSYS delivers intelligent financial solutions in Automated Purchase to Pay, e-Invoicing Credit Management and People resourcing, tracking and billing. The consultants in the company identify opportunities to automate and connect the supply chain electronically to deliver savings, visibility, control and compliance across an organisation’s financial and operational systems.

Joanne is currently heavily involved in selling the products and services and making businesses realise the benefits they could achieve. About her new role, she said: “By moving into project management, I will be involved in putting that into practice – guiding clients through the implementation stage of a project until they are live and satisfied with their new product or service.

“Initially I will start with the document management side of things, familiarising myself with the project process and terminology. Involving myself in projects that my colleagues are running will allow me to build experience and knowledge that you don’t learn from a textbook.

“Eventually I will then be able to get my hands on my own project.”jo 2

The highly experienced team of experts that Joanne aims to be a part of are focused on delivering solutions that increase operational efficiency and reduce costs adding measurable bottom line value to their clients.

Trusted by some of the UK’s largest companies, they streamline and automate purchasing and payment processes and manpower management. nSYS integrates software from Basware, the global leader in purchase-to-pay applications, Kofax, the market leader in image capture, process management mobile and analytic capabilities and V1, the leader in people tracking and billing, to provide smart process applications.

nSYS managing director Julian Keating talked about what Joanne’s progression means for the business. He said: “Taking Joanne’s new role on-board is a win-win situation. Joanne is keen to take the next step in her career towards project management, with a team of Prince 2 practitioners and the company growing rapidly, it makes perfect sense to benefit from her joining the team. With over two years of product knowledge and a willingness to learn, moving into her new role benefits both Joanne and the company. Joanne’s determination to progress and succeed makes her the ideal candidate for the job.”




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