Day in the Life: Apprentice fabricator

My morning: My shifts at Fabritech vary, but if I am starting at 8am, I like to get up at about 7am to ensure I am ready on time. I live in Huntly, so I have to give myself extra time for my commute to Fabritech which is based at the Insch Business Park, and my journey usually takes me 20 minutes.

Once at work, I clock-in and put on my boilersuit and safety boots, as it is vital to wear these in the workshop when I am operating machinery. Before I start work, there is usually time to have a catch-up with the team before I meet with my supervisor, Innes Smith, to find out what my first job of the day is.

Fabritech UK provides clients with a comprehensive turnkey engineering and fabrication service in steel, aluminium and stainless steel, and my work is primarily with aluminium stainless steel.

My lunchtime: I don’t have a set lunchtime as every day is different, and I take a packed lunch with me. We usually have a break for half an hour.

My afternoon: The company recently launched a new engineering division and invested in additional new CNC machines, and as a result of the additional service, it means that the workshop is continuously busy with a constant flow of work. My afternoon workload usually consists of completing any morning tasks that weren’t completed, before moving on to a new job. I am in the third and final year of my apprenticeship, and my tutor visits me onsite at Fabritech to assess my work. I aim to complete my course by September, when I will be a qualified fabricator/welder.

My evening: If work needs to be completed I stay at the workshop until it is finished. As I am in the final year of my apprenticeship I often have college work to complete, and spend time going over course work and revising.

I am a member of the local cricket team, and from the end of March my spare time on Tuesday and Thursday evenings is devoted to training, and I also like to keep fit by going to the gym. I am a member of the Huntly pool team and play in the league.

As an apprentice, I spent my first two years at Fabritech on day release from college, and joined the company on a full-time basis in September last year. The company has continued to grow since I started work here, and my time with the firm has involved a lot of on the job learning and training. It has been hugely beneficial to have a hands-on role as I have certainly gained a vast amount of experience.

The workshop is constantly busy and my work is varied. I enjoy my work at Fabritech as no two days are the same as the company carries out work for a number of different firms, so there is always something different for me to do and I am constantly learning from my peers.

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