Day in the life: Draughtsman

My morning
I usually wake up around 7am and feed my cats, dog and myself. I live locally in Macduff, which is only a short distance to Motive Offshore’s headquarters in Boyndie, so after a short drive I arrive on-site around 8am. To start the day, I catch up with my colleagues to see if there are any urgent items required for the day or any changes or difficulties from nightshift. My morning routine varies daily – I can be working on everything from the design of our different products to designs specific to clients’ requirements and everything in between.

Angus Rothnie

My lunchtime
Lunchtime can vary between 12.30pm and 2.30pm, depending on how busy it is in the office. Sometimes it is a working lunch but we do have a canteen, which gives the staff a chance to have a chat and relax as a team. Over the past year, we have been participating in various fundraising and health initiatives through our charity group, Team Motive, including Tough Mudder, so we sometimes do some training during our lunch break if we have a challenge on the horizon.
My afternoon
Afternoons also tend to be very varied and are very dependent on the schedule for that particular day. Motive Offshore has grown very quickly and we are constantly developing our specialised marine equipment for clients and the industry. As such, my day can include modelling up new equipment for sales and rental, creating 2D drawings for manufacture, and helping other departments to complete documentation such as renders of equipment.

I also get the chance to attend meetings with clients or design companies, and over the last year as Motive Offshore has been focused on enhancing its equipment, I have been actively involved in making accurate and efficient improvements, working closely with certification authorities. I also get the opportunity to take photographs of the equipment, which is something I really enjoy, as I am a keen photographer.

My evening
I usually finish at 5pm, although this can vary if we are working on a big project. We recently dispatched our largest mobilisation to date, a six winch package plus ancillary equipment, including or new control stations in protective cages, which I was involved in designing. The load required three arctic lorries to transport, and took a great deal of organisation, but it was great to be part of the project and a huge sense of achievement to see the finished equipment.

After work when the nights are longer and lighter, I enjoy walking my dog around the area, which offers some amazing views that are perfect for practicing my passion for photography. I also spend some evenings working on my classic mini which was my wife’s and my wedding car.

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