Day in the Life: Energetica development manager

My morning

I’m up around 6.45am and have the same routine every morning of laying out breakfast, usually consisting of some kind of cereal, before ironing a shirt for the day. Then it’s out into the traffic to join the other commuters on the road into Aberdeen. Once in the office the day always begins with checking the daily bulletin of local news items which is sent to me. It’s important to know what’s happening across the region, not just within the Energetica corridor. Any specific items relating to Energetica are highlighted and logged by our marcomms officer.

James Welsh

Energetica is an Aberdeen City and Shire Economic Future (ACSEF) project led by public sector partners, Scottish Enterprise and Aberdeen City and Shire Councils. I’m relatively new to Energetica and am the first full-time development manager dedicated to the programme. Much of my work to this point has been about getting up to speed on the project’s history, developing my own key priorities and targets and meeting as many new people as possible.

My lunchtime
Lunch tends to be when I’m either too hungry to concentrate or when there’s a gap in the day to grab half an hour. I always have sandwiches with me because I can be in a number of different offices and have various meetings so lunch is grabbed when time allows.

My afternoon
My role is to promote and support either existing businesses or interest, or potential new investors within the area, and that means meeting a lot of people. The focus is to attract and support development of key sectors, primarily energy, into the area.

Energetica is based on a tightly defined geographic area from Bridge of Don, around the Airport at Dyce and up the A90 corridor to Peterhead. If I’m fortunate enough, those meetings will take me out into the Energetica corridor which is a fantastic environment to work in. The scale of the project means that I meet and work with a wide array of different people and organisations ranging from housebuilders, commercial developers, energy companies, tourism groups and academics.

I really enjoy the variety, from working with developers and business/commercial executives and entrepreneurs from a range of organisations, to finding out about cutting edge research and design work. It’s amazing how much there is going on in the Energetica corridor.

The job is hugely varied, so I need to spend time researching who I’m meeting, how we might be able to offer support for their idea, opportunity or proposal. I hate going to meetings, especially with new people, unprepared.

My role can often be helping these parties to link to opportunities that might be out there within the Energetica corridor, whether it’s looking at sites for new or expanded development or identifying funding streams that may exist. The varied work keeps everyday different and really interesting so no two days are the same.

My evening
Having no two days the same, means I don’t have a set time when I leave the office or arrive home. I tend to like to try and get as much as I can finished or notes written up before I leave. I try and get back most nights by 7pm so I can cook, as I find it very relaxing and it helps me unwind. It’s also usually the time when me and my fiance catch up and share what we’ve been doing that day. Some evenings are busier than others. I play five-a-side football at least once a week and try to get out running so that breaks up the evening routine a bit.

Sometimes the job involves attending evening events or seminars so that can also change things from week to week. I don’t tend to watch very much TV unless there’s something I really want to watch on, so I read a lot of the sports news. I normally also check my emails and try and respond to anything outstanding from the day. I hate leaving things unanswered. Finally, I check my calendar for the next day so I know which office I’m working from and what meetings I have.

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