Day in the life: Glencraft manager

Glencraft is an Independent trading social enterprise and charity employing disabled and disadvantaged people and providing ‘Dignity Through Work’

My morning:

Generally I’m up and about at 6am moving all the cars so I can get out of the drive. I normally get in to work for 6.30am and as the first person to arrive, I ensure that the factory, office and showroom are open for our 46 employees, who start filtering in around 7am for production beginning at 7.45am.

As they arrive, I’m already busy checking and  dealing with my emails – these can contain various things from requests for quotes, social enterprise work, H&S policy items and general management tasks that need dealing with on a day-to-day basis.

At 9am, I host the management and supervisor’s daily team meeting where we discuss the workload for the day, sales order  wins and the positives from the day before.

The rest of the morning can be taken up with visiting and talking to our very varied range of clients such as Mary at the Douglas Hotel or Alan at Entier, both of whom have mattress requirements that can vary in size, shape and levels of certification. It is my overall responsibility to make sure we deliver what the customers want and give  the right product for the right environment  –  something of which Glencraft is a specialist within the industry.

Carl Hodson

Once a month we hold a board meeting at Glencraft where I am not only representing the general manager and sales director  but also that of an executive trustee. I’m very grateful for all the assistance I get from the board which is made up of business leaders from all sectors of business who give up their time completely voluntarily.

Knowing that support is there gives a great platform for developing the business.

My lunchtime:
Lunchtime consists of a quick bite to eat and catch up with some of the staff in the canteen. Glencraft’s workforce is like having your own little community where everybody is  proud and passionate in what they do – there is always something to discuss and  something going on.

My afternoon:
After lunch I usually look to get around the factory and just check everything is running smoothly and that people have an opportunity to speak to me or ask any questions they may have. It works both ways as I find it really useful to understand their skills and how they manufacture such high-quality products. It is truly inspirational seeing how much care and attention is given to each product in the production line.

I will also check in with our staff  in our retail showroom to see how sales are going  and what marketing, promotions and product development we can do.

We are always thinking about how to improve or differentiate our products and it can be great to see  an idea develop into an actual product on the sales floor being sold to the  public.

A lot of my time this year has also been busy developing Glencraft’s relationship with Peter Vardy. His commitment, generosity and vision has allowed us to jointly develop a solution to build Glencraft a new factory and showroom on the Vauxhall car site at Lang Stracht. This has been an incredibly exciting project involving lots of different people, a little bit of politics, a lot of fun and a sense of the community pulling together to make it happen.

Due to open in April, the designs and plans look   fantastic and something that Aberdeen can rightly be proud of supporting through trade and sponsorship of Glencraft events. In this job you never know what is coming next.

My evening:
Once you work in a social enterprise, it tends to get right into your DNA and you never stop talking about it or being aware of it, so most of my ‘down time’ tends to follow this route and is so rewarding. Evenings and weekends, whilst dedicated to family time, trying to get some exercise as well as following my two favourite teams  – Crystal Palace and The Dons – also  always seems to involve Glencraft in one way or another; but hey it’s such a great story to tell.

So much so that if my wife and I are ever away on holiday, the first thing I do is check that the hotel has a Glencraft bed. If not, I ask why not because it is such a ‘good bed, made better locally’!  I love my own Glencraft bed so I always waken up revitalised and ready to go  the next day.

Glencraft is currently seeking  Carl’s successor. Applications for the position of general manager and executive trustee close todayFri 30 Jan. To apply, contact 01224 873366 or

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