Designing your work life balance

A healthy work life is something many employees struggle with, and as result it is no surprise that many work place absences are often stress related.

However, one way to improve the way people work is to consider how much of an impact the office environment can have on their working life, from the layout, space and facilities on offer.

Last year, Google launched its new UK headquarters, complete with a climbing wall, rooftop pool and indoor football pitch to make work exciting and encourage casual collaborations in the workforce. Through the interactive and flexible space including thinkpods and laptop stations, Google believes communication, teamwork, productivity and creativity will all be increased.

However, it is clear that building a football pitch in the office may not work for every business, but as National Work Life week draws to a close26th Sept, leading office interiors specialists, Claremont Office Interiors is prompting businesses to put work-life balance in the spotlight when planning their interiors.

Director at Claremont Office Interiors, Laura Jevons, said that flexible working arrangements can have a huge role in improving work-life balance and interiors can help with this.

She explained: “It is important that you understand how people work and how they utilise the office so that you can create an office space that will facilitate a happy work environment, improve creativity and encourage collaborative working.

“As well as the layout, continuing advances in technology and the 24/7 business environment has led to many employees bringing their own devices into the workplace, so it is vital that businesses have the appropriate furnishings to accommodate this type of working.”

She added that observing interaction within the office can allow you to create areas that are tailored to your employees needs, be it chill out areas to encourage socialising or stand up desks to fit with the latest technology.

“Creating a positive and welcoming working environment that employees enjoy getting out of bed for can be key for retention, and indefinitely improve their work life balance.”


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