Dream job is to act in a nightmare

Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year. I loved dressing up as a child and if I could get away with trick or treating at the age of 28, I would still be at it. It’s lots of fun and, best of all, you get to wear really cool costumes.

That’s why I think working at Edinburgh Dungeon would be a dream job – a place where it is like Halloween all year round.

For those who don’t know what I am talking about, it is a mega-popular tourist attraction which takes you on a trip through 1,000 years of Scotland’s horrible history.  People dress up as characters from throughout the ages including William Wallace.

Edinburgh Dungeons

For those lucky enough to work here, every day is something different. The actors get to play up to 10 different characters – everything from a 17th-century judge or anatomist to a torturer or cannibal.  

The team also gets opportunities to do press shoots and internal work for other attractions within the Merlin brand while others are lucky enough to be selected to record soundtracks for the attractions.

The Dungeon has  flexible working hours, and management do their best to accommodate college work and other acting pursuits alongside the Dungeon job. Actors are offered full-time, part-time or seasonal work.

Most actors don’t do their jobs for the money, but it’s above minimum wage and is more fun than most part-time jobs   –  but most importantly it’s nice to have a secure paid acting job.

Alongside the huge experience rewards of working for the Dungeon, the actors also get a little extra for after-hours or special events such as the Halloween LATES series.

So if you think this is the dream job for you, here is what you need to get in the door...

You don’t need acting experience – but you do need passion. This job is even more appealing if you’re serious about the arts. Most people who work at the Dungeon are aspiring actors and performers, with many actors at the Dungeon currently studying at prestigious drama schools, and so the quality of acting is very high making it enticing for those looking to learn and enhance their experience.

Edinburgh Dungeons cast

You also need to have bags of energy and keep cool under pressure as undoubtedly things go wrong with a different audience each day – you have to be able to improvise your way out of any situation. It’s important to keep up team morale as days can be long, especially during the busy times such as school summer holidays and Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

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