Dress to impress

Starting out in a business can mean a lot of challenges and a lot of important meetings, and for women one of those challenges is how to look the part when meeting new colleagues, impressing new clients or networking for contacts. 

Making that all-important strong first impression without your outfit appearing frumpy, overdone or generally lacking in style can often be tricky, but luckily Louise and Sarah  –  the owners of luxury womenswear business fashion brand Cecily  –  are here to help with their tips on how to make the right first impression


Choose well fitted, tailored dresses, shirts and skirts that work well to flatter and enhance your shape, but make sure that they’re clothes you feel comfortable in and make you look and feel great.

When it comes to necklines, V-neck’s are universally flattering as they lengthen the neck, but don’t be scared of other modest necklines, so play around with some variations to see which style best frames your face.

Plain block colours or  subtle patterns work best in business settings, and it pays to choose mid-tone colours such as blue, green, wine and purple as they’re universally flattering.

When it comes to flattering the body, black is the stay-safe option for a good reason, so make sure you have at least one trusty option in black to fall back on when needed.

Dress to impress


Big prints and busy patterns are a style no-no in the workplace, and avoid boxy and stuffy power suit jackets which suggest you’re stuck in the 80s.

Overly-revealing necklines can be distracting so are best avoided if you’re hoping to project an experienced and elegant look, and avoid overdressing  –  the key is to look smart and sophisticated, not as though you’re dressed for a party.

The same goes for large, distracting jewellery  –  discreet pieces that complement your outfit and help present a complete ensemble are the way forward.

And finally, always make sure your clothes are neatly pressed, as few things can make a bad first impression like creased clothing.

Turning up creased and dishevelled could even be a potential deal breaker, so avoid that at all costs.

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