Early start for a productive day

Sarah Chew is the managing director of Techfest. Here is a day in her life leading up to this year's festival.


Awake around 5.30/6am with my two year old. He plays while I get ready upstairs then we head downstairs for breakfast around 6.45am. I drop him off and head into work and ideally am at my desk between 8.15am and 8.30am.

I prefer to get in while it is quiet so I can get a jump on my e-mails before the rest of the team arrive. My role within the organisation means I often have to have meetings with the team for them to get my approval for various elements of the programme of events we run throughout the year. It is also a great way to ensure I am up to speed and that agreements are met throughout the delivery of a project.

Sarah Chew

One of my main functions is to liaise with our sponsors and supporters. We aim to tailor our events to ensure they play an integral role in the delivery and volunteers can be involved if possible. It is important that I ensure whatever personalisation for the agreement is built in and delivered.


I love bringing a packed lunch to work and will eat that at my desk. Lunchtime is a quiet time for getting back to my own to-do list.


I enjoy going out for meetings in the afternoon. I am so lucky to get to meet and work with such a wide variety of organisations and stakeholders. One day I may be visiting a school, the next day a builder’s yard. I also love networking events.


This week, I am launching the programme with BP and Shell at the Winter Gardens – what a super way to spend a lovely Aberdeen afternoon.


I get home around 6pm – and the first thing is to feed whoever is at my house at the time. I live very close to my family and love the fact that we can have dinner with everyone and all catch up.

I love having a garden, having not long moved from the city centre, and so most evenings at this time of year we all eat outside and we can potter around in the garden and perhaps cut the lawn if I am lucky. I am not blessed with green fingers but I am learning.

I also get huge pleasure from playing with Finlay outside with his toys after a long day at work or even going for a walk around Chapelton where we have just moved. Finlay is digger mad so it is great to get in amongst the building site – his own version of a theme park.

Kids enjoying Techfest

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