Every day is different for this graduate

Name: Kirsty Weir
Age: 27
From: Ballymena, Northern Ireland
Job Title: Regional Sales Manager
Works at: MacdonaldHotels and Resorts
Qualifications: 1st Class BSc Honours in Marketing


My job involves selling the four-star deluxe portfolio of Norwood Hall, Pittodrie House and the Macdonald Aviemore Resort.

A typical day involves around four to five appointments with potential clients. I introduce them to our fabulous products and start building a relationship to cater for all their potential needs, whether it is a simple meeting in the city or a large team-building event in the Highlands. I also attend many events both B2B and B2C to promote our portfolio.


My biggest challenge is planning my day. As I only moved from Northern Ireland six months ago, my Scottish geography is still a bit hazy, so my best friend is my TomTom.


Kirsty Weir

The best thing about my role is meeting so many new people every day and having to cater for a completely different set of requirements all the time.

I have ownership of each project and get to follow a client’s full process from that initial enquiry right through to seeing an event or a plan come to life.

It can be stressful pulling all the various threads together but, overall, it is great to manage discreet projects, where you have such a large element of control.


Never give up and believe in yourself. I find a personal inventory helps you identify where you are at and where you want to go. When you first start out as a young graduate, it can be difficult to know your strengths, as often you haven’t used them in a professional capacity yet, but you will have personality traits and life experiences that indicate what you are good at and where your interests lie.

These grow exceptionally quickly over the first few years in position, so every six months or so it helps to sit down and re-evaluate. You identify
your core skills and develop strengths and make sure that you really use them.

I also think that being the best you can be at any one task, regardless of how small, really makes a difference in terms of efficiency and output. Doing the small things right has a real impact.


My dream is to one day run my own business. I love self-starting, so being in total control of my own company would really suit my instincts.

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