Every day makes a difference

Name: Fiona Lister

Age: 38

Job title: Coffee shop manager

Company: Loaves and Fishes coffee shop, Kemnay


Normally, I get up at 7am and have a coffee and get the children ready for school. Once I have dropped my girls off, I have a two-minute walk up to the coffee shop and I try to be there as soon after 9am as possible.
Every day is a little different, but generally I try to chat to the volunteers first thing and check that everything is OK with them. I also sort out any issues which have arisen.

I then schedule the Facebook posts for the day, check e-mails and sort out any paperwork. Some mornings, I do some baking – our scones and fairy cakes are popular and need regular topping up.

Fiona Lister


I stay in the coffee shop at lunchtime and I will often have some of our homemade soup or our sandwich special. A benefit of this is getting to try out the feature cake to ensure it is fit for customers. Sometimes, my girls come up from school to have lunch with me; they are especially fond of the paninis and the pancakes.

In the afternoon, I try to spend as much time as I can in the cafe, since we are about networking and connecting with the local community – the customers and the volunteers. I also plan and arrange fundraising events such as the Feast North East cheese and wine evening that took place recently in aid of Aberdeen Street Pastors and Alzheimer Scotland.
Although we are a part of the Church of Scotland, we are self-sufficient financially and any profits we have at the end of the year can be applied for through the Loaves and Fishes Fund with the criteria of service at home or abroad.

Costa Rica

In the past, we have been able to support schoolchildren carrying out service in Costa Rica as part of a school trip; we have supplied a wheelchair to Inverurie Hospital, and we are also able to pay regular sponsorship through Little Drops to help support a young boy with his living costs, allowing him to attend school. My main duties in my role is the administration and co-ordination of the coffee shop, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and that we are able to have promotions and projects to enable the volunteers to spend time with the customers.


I finish work at 3pm most days so that I can collect my children from school. It then becomes the mad rush of taking kids to horse-riding, swimming, music lessons or whatever happens to be the activity for the children that evening. I then have the tea to make and homework and music practice to co-ordinate. Some evenings, there is a church meeting to go to and, on a Friday, I practise with the praise band for a Sunday morning. When I am not involved with church activities, I like to go out for walks, I enjoy baking and do cross-stitch. On the odd occasion, I will meet up with friends for a drink.

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