Exchanging talent

Tullos Training Ltd has taken part in an exciting new initiative – a work exchange with The Gomel Trust.

The city of Aberdeen is twinned with Gomel in Belarus, so the programme is built on the existing relationship.

Tullos Training, an engineering training organisation, was approached by the Gomel Trust of Aberdeen City Council about the possibilities of twinning with a college in the Belarus city.

Tullos Training was across in Gomel in October 2013 with two students and then there was a return visit from Technical School 67. Two lecturers, two students and an interpreter came to Aberdeen from Belarus and stayed for seven days.

Tullos Training

Jim Booth, training executive for Tullos Training said: “It has allowed us to pass on our expertise and training methods to Technical School 67.

“It has allowed us to share in our common goals of training the trades men of the future.”

It was the first time something like this has taken place. The Scots have already been over to Belarus twice and their exchange partners have now also been to Aberdeen twice.

Mr Booth hopes that the Tullos Training team will go back to Gomel next year or in 2018.


NAME:  Vadzim Siarou

JOB TITLE: Deputy director of construction

PLACE OF WORK: Gomel State Professional Lyceum of Builders 67


We have been looking at the working day within the training centre and we have been looking at the training and teaching techniques. We have spent a day with the lecturers and pupils in the classroom and in the workshops. We have visited various areas throughout  the city and country side.


Yes, very much so. We may come from a different country but we have the same goals, to teach the young people new skill to allow them to grow. We are very different with new technology’s but working together will allow us to embrace these with open arms.

We are very thankful to Tullos Training for allowing us to come over and share with them in their teaching and workshop activates.   

What lessons will you take back with you?

New technologies, how we may come from a different country and speak a different language but we can come together with teaching and training with no barriers.

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