Fancy being a full-time bear-sitter?


Scotland has become a bit of a nation of panda lovers since Edinburgh Zoo became home to Tian Tian and Yang Guang.

Newspapers and websites were dominated by the news last month that a baby could be on its way and we all shared in the sadness when the last pregnancy didn’t work out.


Edinburgh Zoo even has a whole page, complete with web cams, to feed our panda passion.

So to hear that you can actually have a job where you basically babysit a panda would be a dream come true for the bear fans in Scotland. Last year the China Giant Panda Protection and Research Centre in Ya’an
were advertising for a panda caretaker.

The job paid just over £20,000 and included your meals, accommodation and a car. Applicants had to be over 22 years old, have good writing and photography skills and basic knowledge of pandas.

And the aim of the job was to spend 365 days with the pandas and share in their “joys and sorrows”. Isn’t that what we’ve been doing for free since Tian Tian and Yang Guang moved across? I reckon this would be a dream job for us.



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