Five easy things you can do to combat back pain at work

Did you know that 80% of all office workers suffer from back pain or herniated discs at some point in their careers, mostly due to incorrect posture at work.

“Most people don’t realise how much damage prolonged sitting can do, but there are some simple remedies. In most cases, minimal adjustments to your desk and chair will help ensure proper posture,” said Tim Lilling, an expert at blitzresults.comBack Pain

Here are some simple ways to prevent back pain:

1: Place your computer monitor at least one arm’s length away. If it’s too close, you will create tension in your shoulders and neck.

2: The monitor should be set so that your eyes are at a downward angle. This helps to relieve strain on your neck and your eyes.

3: Sit with the pelvis tilted slightly forwards. Ergonomic chairs and seat cushions help to retain the backs’ natural posture, providing relief to the discs and muscles.

4: Move around the office. Speak personally with your colleagues instead of sending them e-mails. Drink a lot of water: it’s not only healthy, but it will keep you moving.

5: Important – adjust the desk and chair to your height so that you are relaxed while sitting. How does that work? Use an online calculator for ergonomic sitting:

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