Friends Supporting Cast: Where are they now?

Most of us will know where Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Ross ended up after the final episode of Friends – but what about some of the supporting stars?

aka James Michael Tyler

He was probably the most well-known – and most popular – supporting character in the hit TV show, but unfortunately we haven’t seen much of him since. He has been involved in a couple of web series and played himself in a cameo on Matt LeBlanc’s new TV show, Episodes.


aka Maggie Wheeler

You will never be able to hear the words “Oh my God” again without hearing the distinctive voice of Maggie Wheeler. After leaving the show, in which she played Chandler’s on/off girlfriend, she has popped up in a number of shows including Everybody Loves Raymond, ER and Curb Your Enthusiasm. You can also hear her in the animated series, Archer.


aka Lauren Tom

If you were among the millions who wanted to see Rachel and Ross get together, you would have hated Julie, the girlfriend Ross brought back from his archaeological dig in China. She was in Friends for only a few episodes and you might think she hasn’t been around much since, but think again. Do you watch Futurama? Well, she provides the voice of Amy Wong. You can also hear her in King of the Hill and a number of Kung Fu Panda films.


aka Eddie Cahill

As Rachel’s cute assistant and later boyfriend, Eddie Cahill’s run as Tag was shortlived. And, for a while, it seemed that was the last we would see of him. Then he got a big break with CSI:NY and, most recently, Under the Dome.

aka Angela Featherstone

When you hear the words, “we were on a break”, you will remember  Chloe – the woman Ross cheated on Rachel with. Her elvish looks made her pretty recognisable, but would you recognise her now? She wasn’t really on our screens in the past few years until she appeared as a recurring character on HBO’s Girls. She has also turned her hand to writing, contributing articles to Time, Jane, and The Huffington Post.



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