Getting to know the system

Name: Ben Owen
Age: 24
From: Ellon
Job title: Software Developer
Works at: Codify Ltd
Qualifications: Computer Science BSc Hons (1st)


I’ve been working as part of the Codify team since 2011, initially with a year-long placement, and then working part-time while I completed my studies at Robert Gordon University.

I started off in the support team on placement, which was a great learning experience for me. It is at the forefront of the business and involved handling calls and dealing with a wide range of queries from clients. I moved to the projects team after my graduation in 2014.

My main role day-to-day is to create new software systems and add to or modify the functionality of existing software.

Ben Owen


The best thing about my role is without a doubt the challenge and problem-solving element.

My work is so varied and you never know what kind of problems or queries a client will come forward with. It is incredibly satisfying when you are faced with an issue you haven’t come across before and you find a way to locate the cause and fix it.

I enjoy working with these kinds of technical challenges and it is fantastic to create something that has the capability to improve the customer’s business.

The Codify team is also great, everyone was so welcoming from the start and are always very encouraging. It was good to be given responsibility straight away and get involved quickly.


The biggest challenge is also the thing that keeps it interesting – the rapid pace of change in the industry.

Software development as an industry is constantly fluctuating and evolving but these factors mean the work is always different.

This is great because I enjoy the challenge of keeping on top of the latest advances in the technology sector – and making sure clients are benefiting from this too.


My dream is to be the best I can and build on what I have achieved at Codify already. Ultimately I would like to work towards senior software developer and engineering lead roles.

Codify has put a lot of trust in me from the start and is very supportive of my career. They have given me a great opportunity and I am looking forward to furthering my development with them.


I would advise people to enjoy what you do and always try to believe in yourself. Seek out challenges and get out of your comfort zone – always be prepared to try something new.

It is also important to listen to others; you never know what you can learn from your colleagues, so take their advice on board.

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