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Achieving stylish hairstyles in a small timescale is something many  strive to achieve at home.
Whether it’s an effortless up-do for work, or quick and easy tousling celebrity locks for a night out on the town straight from the office, women appreciate guidance and advice as they face a constant battle against the clock to get ready.
At Aberdeen’s new fashion-forward hair salon  Linton & Mac, 11 lucky members of staff met with two of the UK’s hottest names in hairdressing during an exclusive in-house workshop, to learn about the latest looks – and how to recreate them.
Linton & Mac, which was established by creative directors Jennifer Linton and Joanna MacDonald, welcomed London-based Windle & Moodie stylists Sergio Renis and Mia Efthymiou to the salon, bringing their wealth of expertise to an exclusive in-house workshop.
Here, Sergio has designed four  on-trend styles  for those looking for something to spruce up their office look:
Work do 1 - The Glam Knot:

Gather the hair towards the top of the head using a dressing brush. Secure hair into a ponytail, split ponytail into two sections, backcomb the hair and after smoothing, dress the sections into an elegant top bun. Use Windle & Moodie light satin hairspray and sculpture hairspray.

The glam knot
Work do 2 - The Beehive  –  a modern classic:

On unwashed hair, spray matte texture spray, then backcomb the crown area and casually smooth it over to create height. Leave out the fringe and the hair on the hairline and then using fingers, style in the desired shape. Finish with Windle & Moodie sculpture hairspray. This will keep the style in place.

The beehive
Work do 3 - The Urban braid:

Firstly, section the top part of the hair and clip away. Gather the sides and back  and plait them into circular-shaped braids ensuring the sectioning is clean and tight. Repeat this technique on the hair at the crown, making sure the braid doesn’t reach the end of the hair to create a slightly feathery effect.
Products used: Windle & Moodie fortifying spray for control and grip and a little bit of Windle & Moodie invisible day and night cream to help with smoothing the hair throughout.

urban braid
Work do 4 - New romantic braid:

Divide hair into four circular sections. Braid hair close to the scalp making sure the plaits are not too tight, going from front to back. Pin plaits securely down flat to the scalp and pull out some random strands to soften the shape and add romance to the style. Use Windle & Moodie invisible day and night cream to smooth the hair before braiding.

romantic braid
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