Hands-on role is perfect fit for David

Being involved throughout the process of building a specialist remotely operated vehicle (ROV), from the design stages through to handing the completed machines over to the customer, the role of engineering manager at Sub-Atlantic is very much a hands-on experience.

David Owen has been employed with the global leading manufacturer of subsea vehicles to the energy industry for a total of 11 years and has seen the company grow from a relatively small team of 17 employees to having a workforce of around 60 specialist staff based across its facilities.

David, 40, said: “I’m involved in the builds of the components and the ROV itself. Every customer has their own needs and the specifications are different for almost all the ROVs that we supply. I really enjoy the end product and seeing what the customer will be doing with it.

“We do a lot of work with electronic equipment immersed in oil which is unique to the market. I’m involved from the conceptual design with the initial ideas for the system, right through to the day-to-day production and then product support work following the vehicle’s handover.

“Putting robotic electronics components into what can be a very challenging environment is something that I find very interesting.”

David is a former pupil of Mackie Academy in Stonehaven and graduated from Robert Gordon University with a degree in electronic design.

He added: “I had always wanted to do electronics. I was fascinated by software in those early days and the sheer functionality and tasks you can perform with robotics and making things.”

His working career began as an electronic design engineer at Kongsberg Maritime, before moving to Sub-Atlantic in a similar role February 2002.

He then took up a position as engineering manager with C-Technics before returning to Sub-Atlantic in January 2012 as lead electronic engineer.

He said: “I had enjoyed my time with Sub-Atlantic before moving on and when a role more involved in development work came up I was happy to return.”

In his spare time, the father-of-three, from Stonehaven, is a keen cyclist and has been in training for a three-day 300-mile ride from London to Paris.

His fundraiser for the charity Steps culminated in a ride around Paris ahead of the arrival of the Tour de France for the final day of the world’s most famous bike race.

Steps, which supports people with lower limb conditions, is a charity close to his heart after they provided advice and backing after two of his children were born with dislocated hips.

David added: “I really enjoy cycling and went to see the Tour when it was in Yorkshire last year.

"It is hard work to fit the hours in to prepare for the cycle, there have been lots of early or late training sessions around Aberdeenshire and when I’ve been down at our premises in Yorkshire I’ve been taking my bike to cycle in and out of there as well.”

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