Hard work and team effort

Name: Steven Fowler
Age: 22
From: Falkirk
Job title: Graduate Engineer
Company: Expro
Qualification: Masters Degree in Aero-Mechanical Engineering with      Distinction at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.


My role within Expro once I have graduated from the company’s Graduate Development Programme (GDP) will be as an engineer as part of the Drill Stem Testing (DST) team.

Since starting the GDP in August, I have been undertaking new challenges including working with both well test and subsea equipment in the workshop.
Gaining experience in the workshop will be crucial to my development as an engineer in understanding the design and manufacture process in full and from different perspectives.

In addition to the advanced technical training primarily in Expro’s subsea products, I have been assigned a group project which requires us to present to senior management at the end of the programme.

After completing the 13-week GDP, I will be rotating throughout various engineering departments within Expro on three to six month placements.
This allows me to further my learning through gaining experience in a variety of departments. Following on from this two-year rotational period, I will be working as part of the DST team in Stirling where I have spent my previous summer placements while at university.


The GDP gives me a fantastic opportunity to extend my knowledge of Expro’s subsea product line as well as an overall understanding of the oil and gas industry.

The best parts about my job at present are learning from experienced technicians and engineers in both the office and workshop environments.
I am really enjoying the mix between the theory and the practical side of the job.

Disassembling, maintaining and reassembling Expro’s subsea valves have helped me to understand the tools in greater detail and is definitely aiding my development. I plan on using the knowledge gained in the workshop to improve my engineering skills and quality of work in the future.


Understanding the vast amount of information given to us on the training programme is one of the biggest challenges at present.

I am currently doing a lot of external studying and research to maximise my learning during this crucial stage of my career.

In addition to the technical content within the GDP, we have been assigned projects in teams of two.

These projects have come directly from the product line therefore our findings are crucial to the current issues facing the company.

This gives the graduates a chance to showcase our work to senior engineers and prove that we are capable of delivering work of a high standard once the training programme is finished.

Steven Fowler

My hope is that Expro can use the suggestions put forward in our presentation to benefit the company and solve any potential issues.
 Preparing for my final presentation and delivering the project to the best of my ability is therefore currently my biggest challenge!


I feel that my experience as a summer student in Expro definitely enhanced my odds of securing a full time job after graduating.

My advice to any students currently in engineering is to try to gather as much relevant work experience as it not only furthers your learning but lets you get a feel for the industry you are working in and whether it is the right job for you.

Sporting activities, volunteering and part time work are also an effective way of demonstrating good team working skills and a hard working attitude to a potential employer. Coupled with your degree, these factors can help to secure your first job.


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