Having the right nose for the job

Ever fancied experiencing the life of a whisky connoisseur? Well it’s not as easy as it looks…
Not only do you have to get your nose into places no nose has been before, travelling world wide, dealing with a number of high profile clientele and brands and tasting some of the worlds finest whiskies is all in a days work.
Inverurie-based Peaty Nose, a new niche concept for the hospitality industry, focuses on the promotion of Scottish whiskies, and has more than 30 years of experience in the industry, working with customers from the UK, Europe and the Far East.
 Dream job?
Multi-award winning hospitality specialist and managing director of Peaty Nose, Peter Sim, is one lucky connoisseur who has been enticing a number of different noses with Scottish heritage, showcasing some of Scotland’s finest spirits.
Whisky is said to traditionally be an acquired taste, which usually subconsciously indicates that only the likes of Sean Connery, or someone similar in age and taste, will appreciate. Whisky has now developed and is now being used in some of the most popular cocktails in bars across the world. Gone are the days of the traditional, it’s time to embrace a new whisky era and absorb everything we possibly can about this delightful, yet earthy tipple.
Scotland prides itself on its heritage and history and Peaty Nose hosts its ‘Scotland Uncorked’ and ‘GinFormation’ events to both entertain and educate guests about whisky and gin. These unique events include interactive tasting experiences with a number of high quality spirits as well as plenty of anecdotes and humour.
If you would like to put your nose to the test then Peaty Nose gives you the chance to savour and learn about the true taste of Scotland’s heritage malts and artisan gins.

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