Honing her craft for over 40 years

Name: Jennifer Corrigal
Age: 65
Job: Tape edge machinist
Company: Glencraft 


I get up at 6am and take my two dogs for a walk. I have a 13-year-old Toy Poodle and a seven-month-old Lhaso Apso puppy. I enjoy walking and have completed the Race for Life for charity and also the 10K. I am also going to be doing the Aberdeen Memory Walk for Alzheimer’s. I arrive for work at 7.45am and get a lift in with a colleague. I start off my day at work by machine taping mattresses. My job is to stitch the rolled edges of mattresses together to reinforce their shape and to join the top and bottom layer with the middle layer around the springs.

This involves me placing the mattress on a table and walking around with the sewing machine while gripping the two layers of material together and guiding the edge under the needle. I don’t have breakfast at home, I wait until I get into work and I have sandwiches and juice at 10am.


I have my lunch at 12.30pm and I have sandwiches again usually, but sometimes I treat myself to a burger. I sit with some of my other colleagues from the workshop and we all have lunch together in the canteen at the same time. We like to have a general chat about our plans for the week or any news that we have to share.



After I have finished my lunch I usually go back to machine taping of the mattresses. However, sometimes I machine coffee bags and help out with jiffy tufting and packaging if I have finished all the taping of the mattresses. I finish work at 3.45pm and get a lift home from a colleague. When I get home I have a shower and then take the dogs for a walk on their lead around Kincorth.


In the evening, I enjoy watching soaps on TV, especially Coronation Street and Emmerdale. I also enjoy watching Paul O’Grady’s For the Love of Dogs. I am in the Westburn Bowling League A, and I usually play with around 12 other people at night. We play singles, pairs and also in teams of four. I am also the first woman ever to win the singles trophy. I have been working at Glencraft for over 44 years and still enjoy doing my role and I also enjoy the people that I work with.

I enjoy my job very much and have been working at Glencraft for over 44 years.

I like the flexible working hours so that I can visit my husband in the care home after I finish work.

My job allows me to work with great people and to also meet some – I got to meet Princess Anne when she visited our showroom on her Royal visit.

Our new workshop is a great place to work because it is easy to travel to and I enjoy the open-plan environment and the big canteen where the staff have lunches together.

I enjoy working for Glencraft because since they are a social enterprise all the profit goes back into the company and it employ lots of disabled people who are really nice to work with and who do a good job as well.

We offer great quality products and I feel really proud of my work and the role I have in hand-crafting each mattress.

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