How to grow your business

“I didn’t really choose this career I just followed my interests, inclinations and strengths and carved a path accordingly,” said Paul Scanlon.

How many people would love to say that they had created a job for themselves which they loved? Paul, 59, is doing exactly that – and is helping others to do so as well.

Paul Scanlon

Known internationally for his work in leadership and communication, Paul is bringing his masterclass Growing Big People to Aberdeen.

Paul travels the world, inspiring, encouraging and equipping people of all walks of life. He will speak at the Granite City’s King’s Community Church on Saturday, September 17.

The event is aimed at leaders, influencers, teachers, businesses, charities and any organisation that is serious about growing their people.

Topics covered during the masterclass will include growth – the law of life, the crisis of human flourishing, reprogramming our belief system and the next you.

Paul said: “Growing Big People’s aim is to inspire, educate and equip you to explore your inner world and tap into huge resources of dormant potential.”

Leader of King’s Community Church, Dr. Iain Duthie, said: “We are delighted to be welcoming Paul Scanlon to Aberdeen in September.

“Paul is an exceptional, vastly experienced leader and communicator, who I know will bring fantastic insights and practical skills that people can apply to their lives and their teams.

“The event is open to anyone so we’d encourage everyone who is looking to reach their full potential to come along.”

Paul has been working with people in this industry for 35 years, and before that he was in sales and marketing. Growing Big People is his passion born out of a deep conviction that every person is born an original and a genius.

Paul said: “The problem is that birth was our last day of freedom and from then on people, environments and institutions conspire unknowingly to mould us into their image.”

Paul Scanlon

Paul believes that once you better understand yourself, then a more relevant and powerful alignment with your gifts and callings becomes possible.

People from all walks of life attend the Growing Big People seminar. Leaders of all kinds, entrepreneurs, business people, doctors, teachers, politicians, etc. The principles Paul teaches are generic and work anywhere for anyone.

Paul said: “The seminars aim is to equip people with the tools for growing a big life and to speak out of my 35 years of helping people grow.

“I’ve learned a lot about how people grow and what stops them growing – the seminar is my condensed wisdom from all those years.”

Paul is coming to Aberdeen because businesses in the area are the same as everywhere else.

“Businesses everywhere have to stay in their lane of expertise and become outstanding at what they do,” he said.

“Business leaders must realise that their greatest asset is their staff and investing in them is the key to continued growth. No business can grow any bigger than the people who run it.”

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