Industry view: Inspiring your staff

By Karran Bonner, facilitator and coach for Brightside

Talented employees are difficult to recruit in the current job market, so when you do manage to attract a talented individual, retaining them within your organisation is key to success. In 2015 talent retention is a key challenge for business owners and leaders alike and one that I would like to help you tackle.

Developing Your People

It is essential that you invest in ongoing personal development if you are to retain your best people. Helping your team to set clear goals and priorities for their development and agreeing a clear strategy for progress will motivate your employees to achieve.

If you give your team the opportunity to develop and grow through staff training and coaching their loyalty and desire to improve themselves and ultimately the profitability of your business will improve. A regular programme of training events and development activities will bring your company success while others are too busy focusing on the profits and neglecting their people.

Karran Bonner

Internal Communication

Organisations which communicate effectively with their people create an energy and culture of openness that promotes engagement. The better informed your people are the more they can add value. If an employee is aware that you are expanding into a new sector, they can offer strategy suggestions or share that information with appropriate people in their network. Without this information you could be leaving opportunities on the table.

When people are communicated with in an effective way they feel more engaged and part of where the organisation is going. Simple ways to engage your team in the vision and goals of the organisation is having them visible in your office and to simply ask how your team can help to support the organisation achieving these. People want to help – just give them the opportunity to do so.

Employee Recognition

A simple thank you can go a long way. If you have worked hard on a project and do not receive recognition for your efforts it can be demotivating. Commending your team when they have done something well and similarly giving honest feedback when they haven’t achieved the standards you would expect will enhance your relationship with your people.

When someone has gone way over and above what you would expect, a token gesture e.g. a shopping voucher or meal out for two can enhance a staff member’s self worth. A great leader will always take the time to acknowledge their team for their successes.

It is important to stop and appreciate successes as they happen. Overall team cohesion and morale will be improved. Constant recognition embedded in your culture will enhance the likelihood of an individual staying at your organisation.

Remuneration & Benefits

Many organisations focus on the package, money and benefits they offer to staff over any of the aforementioned factors. It is proven, while money is a factor it is very rarely the key reason for someone changing jobs. If you recognise and value your team members they will show you loyalty that money can’t buy. Throwing in bonuses to enhance sales or a staff Christmas present though does definitely help to make your people feel special.

When it comes to talent retention, there is no one size fits all. My top tips for retention are:

• Show commitment to your team by investing in their personal development
• Recognise and acknowledge your team’s efforts
• Communicate in an open and engaging way
• Make your people feel valued

At Brightside our vision is to inspire you and your organisation to be the best you can be through inspirational training and coaching programmes. These range from creating your business strategy, infrastructure, to improving your team effectiveness and forging lasting customer partnerships. Brightside focus on your specific organisational needs and we succeed by inspiring your business’s people. Within any organisation your people are your biggest asset. Looking after your people means the profitability of your business will improve. For more information on people development visit:

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