Inkling of a new career

Youngsters wanting a career in the body art industry should not “ink” twice about applying for this apprenticeship pledged by a north-east tattoo studio.

Rebel Ink Tattoo and Piercing studio in Aberdeen has promised to employ one extra apprentice next year as part of its support for our campaign.

Although only set up five years ago, the George Street business has had several apprentices go through its training programme, which owner Robin Cannon has developed over time.

During their apprenticeships new recruits will shadow a senior member of the team and learn everything from hygiene, health and safety and dealing with customers to the trade itself.

Mr Cannon said he was keen to support the Apprentice 100 campaign.

He said: “The industry is quite crazy at the moment. It’s like tattooing has been pushed into the limelight a little with new TV shows coming out and celebrities sporting more tattoos so we are finding more of the younger generation wanting to get into it.

“Saying that, I think it is an industry that is not really known to many people. When people think of apprentices they mainly think of trades so I thought this would be a good campaign to show younger people that this is how this industry works as well and gives them an idea of what they can do as a different apprenticeship.”

Rebel Tattoo Studio

Tracey McLeman, 26, started with Rebel as a receptionist but after showing an interest in body piercing, she has been given the chance to try out her dream job.

She is being shadowed by senior body piercer Maree Fowler and said she is really enjoying her apprenticeship so far. “I get really passionate and excited about it,” she said.

“And then if I’ve been off for a few days, I’m very eager to get back.”

She also praised the benefits of learning on the job. She added: “At the end of the day you’ll be putting it into practice so it’s easier to learn there and then. You are constantly being shown how to do things and you are taking notes as you go, I think it’s perfect because I think it goes in much quicker. You also get to see the end result rather than just sitting with a pen and paper, it’s definitely how I prefer working.

“Shadowing Maree has been really lovely. You really feel like you’ve got that support there but at the same time they are pushing you and taking you out of your comfort zone so it’s nice that you have that person to guide you.”

To become a Rebel apprentice, send your CV to

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