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Name: Lisa Hutchison  
Age: 25
From: Aberdeen
Job title: Technology Analyst
Works at: The Industry Technology Facilitator (ITF)
Qualifications: BSc (Hons) The University of Edinburgh, currently working towards an MSc in Project Management at The University of Aberdeen


As a technology analyst with ITF, I work alongside the technology team to help identify technology needs, foster innovation and facilitate the development and implementation of new technology on behalf of our membership.

ITF represents its membership of international oil and gas operating and service companies to bring forward collaborative funding for research and development initiatives that address shared technology challenges and the team is responsible for facilitating this process.

Lisa Hutchison


A typical day could see us meeting a developer to discuss their exciting and innovative technology idea followed by a meeting with one of our members to talk about their technical challenges and end with reviewing an intriguing proposal. You are thrown from one end of the spectrum to the next and this variation has greatly widened my knowledge of the industry and introduced me to some very ingenious concepts.

ITF is composed of a relatively small team so part of my role also includes helping out with a number of aspects in the organisation which has given me
 a unique insight into how a business is run. I have also been fortunate enough to travel internationally and meet some incredibly interesting, inspiring and dynamic individuals along the way.


ITF’s fundamental business is to launch Joint Industry Projects (JIPs) into the industry which requires us to secure funding from within our membership.

Due to our diverse network of members it can be a challenge to make sure we target individual companies at the appropriate time to maximise on their budget cycles, especially in the current economic climate.

Lisa Hutchison 2


Hopefully one day I will have put my Master’s degree in Project Management to good use and see a successful plan executed from beginning to end, with a strong team behind me every step of the way.


Work hard and be prepared to stand out from the crowd – but don’t forget that you work with your colleagues eight hours a day, five days a week and so take the time to get to know them – it will pay off in the future.


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