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I wake up around 6am and get ready for the busy day ahead. I arrive at Instant Neighbour headquarters on St Machar Drive for 7.15am and open the office ahead of the administrative staff arriving.


Identifying the main jobs for the day, I sit down and organise a schedule where I outline numerous routes for the morning pick-ups of high-quality furniture, which has been donated to the charity. I also decide which service is a priority. If I have Joinerinc clients to go and do work for, or have estimates to produce for Joinerinc work, then these take priority over collecting the donated furniture.


I head up Joinerinc – the charity’s joinery service – where all proceeds made are put straight back into the charity. I am also one of the main van drivers for the charity, so every day is completely different as I have numerous tasks to carry out within both roles.


Initially, I will plan out my route for the day, focusing on one part of Aberdeen in the morning and another part in the afternoon. This ensures I am being as efficient as possible when out on jobs. Pre-planning is extremely important in my role, especially as so many people depend on my services and me being on time.




Before I do anything, I unload all of the donated goods I’ve picked up throughout the morning and bring them to the warehouse. The teams then sort and price the items, which then go on to be sold in one of our two shops.


I then grab a quick bite to eat, which is usually something my wife has cooked for me, and head back out on the road. By pre-planning my journey I work around deadlines easily, and I now know almost all of the roads in Aberdeen so I can avoid getting caught up in traffic.




I love having a few different roles at Instant Neighbour as it allows me to meet lots of people. I visit a lot of clients as part of Joinerinc, so it’s important that I can communicate effectively to ensure I deliver the highest-quality service.


Joinerinc work usually consists of changing locks, replacing and installing doors, hanging pictures and mirrors, and making shelves. Having a good eye for design is vital and every job is unique, so having 20 years’ experience allows me to produce the best work.


If I’m ravenous in the afternoon, I’ll sometimes snack on some healthy sandwiches before heading to collect the last of the donated goods for the day.


I arrive back at Instant Neighbour around 4.30-5pm and unload the van again. I then ensure that all the vans are secured for the evening, check my e-mails and get my tools cleaned and ready for the next day. There’s a small Nissan van I use for the Joinerinc services, and we have a few transit vans we use for Removalinc on a daily basis, so it’s important to make sure they’re well looked after and maintained.



I love to cook with my wife and spend time with her and our cat, Abbey.


I’m a passionate photographer, so in my spare time I go out to take photos as I have my own photography business, Great Day Photo. Ever since I was a young boy, I’ve enjoyed taking photos and I’ve also done a lot of photography work for Instant Neighbour too. I’ve provided imagery for marketing materials including the website, brochures and press releases, and I am also usually the photographer at the charity’s fundraising events.





I get to work with a very talented team on a daily basis

I enjoy helping others out

I feel extremely lucky that I get to help provide the amazing services we do to the local community, providing them with real help today and hope for tomorrow

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