It's a first for R&B Distillers

Whisky makers R&B Distillers have officially opened the Isle of Raasay Distillery, the first (legal!) whisky distillery on the small Hebridean island.

R&B Distillers are bringing this traditional Scottish craft to an uncharted whisky region, harnessing the raw elements of the unique terroir to create the first Raasay Scotch, which will be ready to drink from 2020.

Co-founders Alasdair Day and Bill Dobbie are realising a dream to make whisky in this uncommon location. Alasdair Day said: “It is the location; an island off an island with complex geology, water and island climate with probably the best views from any distillery in Scotland, that makes Raasay ideal for our innovative Scotch whisky distillery.”

Raasay is a small island, only fourteen miles long, situated off the east coast of Skye. The island’s 120 residents have watched eagerly as this disused Victorian villa hotel, Borodale House, has been transformed into the new distillery, next to visitors’ centre and Na Tusairean Club members’ accommodation which will be opening later.

The distillery will be independently owned and operated and is expected to generate employment for up to 10% of the island residents.

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