Job is the perfect cocktail

Age: 30


I normally arrive at the hotel at 8am, and kick it off with one of our in-house speciality lattes.

Every day varies, but my normal routine is to firstly speak to reception and make sure all our guests had a good night’s sleep and everyone is happy within our team. I then go through to the breakfast lounge and chat with our guests. Again, it’s great to make a personal connection with our guests, who have often come from all around the world to stay, and just generally hear feedback from them.

My next duty is to go upstairs and chat to the housekeeping team. I’m always keen to ensure our rooms are immaculate and kept to the standard our guests have come to expect.

The office is my next stop. I settle down for a couple of hours going through (usually hundreds of) e-mails, responding to event requests and ensuring that the Glenmoriston is offering unique opportunities for requests such as launch parties, corporate stays or bridal parties.


It’s always important to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in Inverness, and making sure we are making the most of any marketing opportunities that may arise.


I normally escape from the office in time for lunchtime service. I will chat to our chefs and find out what is on our special lunch menu. We are passionate about using seasonal, local produce, so lunchtimes are always a good opportunity for our team to get creative with simple ingredients.

I normally break for my own lunch about 2pm – and the great thing is I take half an hour to enjoy one of our special lunches. There are definitely some perks to being a hotel manager.

After lunch, I head upstairs to do a final check of all our rooms, before check-in commences, making sure everything is just right.


Our restaurant, Contrast, opens for service at 5pm. My role is to be ‘front of house’ in the evenings. So my tasks include things like welcoming arriving guests, showing guests to our bar before they go on to their table and even mixing up a cocktail for them with our barman.

It is so important for a restaurant to have a front of house, as it ensures all the guests are happy and comfortable and are being well looked after. It’s the little extras that people notice, and that’s what they often put on their comment cards, which we give to all our guests for feedback after their meals.

Ben Larson

We like to seek as much feedback from our guests as possible, as it ensures the things that people like, we keep doing and if there are any extra suggestions, we try to incorporate them too, the best we can.

I usually finish around 10pm during the weekdays, although that can vary and at the weekends, I normally finish around 1am.


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