John gets a lift from working life


I wake up at 5.30am and start work at 6.30am. I enjoy breakfast at 7am while doing paperwork, checking and answering e-mails, preparing jobs for that day, off-hiring equipment and generally getting ready for the forthcoming day. I find getting an early start helps me greatly – within that one-and-a-half-hour window before we open, I can achieve so much during this quiet time. This window is equivalent to four hours of normal busy day hours. It gives me a chance to have a clear head to plan out the day and be as efficient as I can.


I usually have my lunch around 1pm, this is normally done hand in hand with more paperwork. It is very unusual for me to get the opportunity to go out for lunch. I would definitely like to see this change in future and make plans to. It is important to get away from your work environment for a short time to clear your head and get some fresh air.LER


This is more or less a continuation of the morning. We normally have a flow of customers coming and going throughout the day, so we are always in the process of preparing jobs, paperwork, offloading and loading materials, dealing with customer enquiries, checking invoices and so forth. No one day is ever the same, which keeps the job interesting, and at times it can be very demanding, but running your own business is. If it was easy, everyone would do it.


I finish work during the week at 5pm and am home for 5.30pm. I normally have a walk with my wife after dinner, watch a bit of TV and then head to bed at 10.30pm or 11pm. My great passion, unexpectedly since I turning 60 last year, is becoming an ardent Aberdeen FC supporter. In addition to this I have also started taking golf lessons. I am still pretty poor but improving, and like to see myself as a work in progress.LER2

9 Reasons Why I Love My Job 

1. I also really enjoy going away for the weekends and taking holidays with my wife and family, which includes my two daughters and my grandson.

2. I really enjoy the daily interaction with customers and now regard a lot of them as friends.

3. I like being in charge of my own destiny and making day-to-day business decisions.

4. I really enjoy working with my wife and the small team of staff we have; I don’t know would I do without them.

5. No matter how tired I go home, I can always reflect and I get great satisfaction in thinking we have solved the problem for our customer.

6. I love finding new types of lifting equipment that I never knew existed, some of these products never cease to amaze me.

7. I really enjoy developing the business, it gives me great satisfaction.

8. I really relish when a customer has a problem that I can help fix and when they walk out of the premises and you know you’ve actually helped somebody.

9. I really enjoy my work routine – it keeps me going. I have enjoyed 45 years in the industry and have experienced the highs and the lows. We all must remain positive and look to the future.

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