Karran Bonner: Why it is important to have a purpose for your career choices

Woah…your purpose…this sounds deep?

Karran Bonner

Well, I guess it is! Today I write this article en route to London. I left the house at 3.20am for a 7am flight. What has that got to do with purpose I hear you ask? Well without a clear intention and purpose for why I have my business you might ask yourself why would you ever choose to undertake such ridiculous hours when you are your own boss.

I do it all because I have a clear purpose. In all aspects of my life I aim to be at my best to inspire others to do the same, to discover what makes them tick and to achieve things that they once never dreamt were possible. When I reflect on my life so far, I realise how powerful my mindset, attitude and purpose has been. In this article I am going to share some ideas and questions which will help you to simplify your purpose.

People often don’t have a stab at articulating their purpose as it can seem monumental. I have discovered over time that it is totally fine for your purpose to evolve, mines certainly has, so I promise if you stick with me you will become more conscious of living a life aligned to a purpose.


It leads to much easier choices. If I am in a quandary over whether to do something or to say “no”, I always ask myself the question: “does this align with my purpose?”

When I was unclear on why I was doing certain things, I found myself with a calendar full of engagements and always surprised at how busy I was. When times are tough, being purposeful helps you to dig deep and build resilience in the situations and tasks we detest. It’s not a magic cure for all your woes, however, a purpose will suddenly make life a lot more meaningful.


• What motivates you?

• What frustrates/disengages you?

• Throughout your life and career when have you been…at your best?…happiest?… most fulfilled?

These questions have helped me and those I coach to establish what are key motivating and demotivating factors. What type of environment, people you surround yourself with, job you choose to undertake all impact on these, however the most menial of jobs can be fun when you do it with vigour. I urge you to make the best of the situation you are in and use as a platform to your next step.


Once you have started to consider the aforementioned questions, start to journal ideas, dreams, and motivating factors. A simple strategy I use to do this is to have four key headings under which I journal daily:

• Thoughts/Observations

• What am I most grateful for? (five things)

• What are my three key achievements?

• How could today/this week have been even better?

These questions are positive to begin to shift your mindset to look for opportunities, give you perspective and challenge you to develop.

To learn more about techniques to establish purpose in your daily life please contact me on info@brightsideinspiration.com where I can share more tips with you.

Go get what you are dreaming of, life is to short to not take the amazing opportunities you have before you.

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